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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Brian Kelly's Story: A Journey to Discovering Purpose -- Part I

My Story: A Journey to Discovering Purpose -- Part I
December 9, 2014

Believe it or not, this is a short version of a very long story. It tells in two parts, which ultimately build up to the main inspiration of what I, and many others like me all around the world, are now focusing our energy on. If nothing else, I hope that this story inspires all those to read it to play a more active role in creating tangible and lasting world change. Just remember, the real work always starts and finishes within you. ~BK

"The riskiest thing we can do is maintain the status quo." 

For as long as I can remember, I've had a deep inner sense that something was a bit off in the world. Feeling inadequate and not worthy are common symptoms of adolescence, learning more about ourselves through our experiences, and going toe to toe with our own egos. This is normal (as much as I detest that word). I'm more referring to the feeling of life on Earth being out of balance. Incredible confusion because so much of what I saw just didn't seem to make sense.

I remember standing in the welfare line with my dad waiting for our ration of food, milk, cheese, or whatever was offered on any given day. Having no understanding of what "financial hardship" was at the time, it was just hanging out with dad. There was always food when I was hungry, water when thirsty, a soft bed to sleep in, bath to bathe and a roof over my head every night of my life.

As I grew a bit older and began to become more aware, I started to see the injustice in how the poor slept in the street, clothes torn and tattered, with an outstretched hand begging for just a few cents to buy a meal. I remember feeling helpless. The urge to want to help, but not knowing how it was possible to help so many was discouraging. Even then, it hurt. I could feel their suffering. I could feel the pain. The hopelessness. The sense of feeling lost in a world that doesn't care. Looking back on it now, that's where this story really begins...

Fast forward to the ladder part of my college years. Excited but nervous to get out into the world to shake things up. It all started with reading Robert Kiyosaki's book, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad." After years of not knowing what I wanted to "DO" in my life or which "career" I would choose, I suddenly became very passionate about making money and becoming "successful." Even better was, I was starting to see all the possible ways of doing it. I began to learn concepts like, "wealth is a mindset," and "assets over liabilities," becoming fascinated by the idea of financial independence. Fueled by the motivation of not wanting to evolve into my adult life struggling financially, as my parents had, there was no shortage of determination. My goal: make lots of money and retire by the age of 30.

Within six months of graduation I moved to Los Angeles and was recruited by First Security Lending, a high profile mortgage brokerage in Hollywood. After my first six months there, I had passed all the exams to become a licensed Real Estate Broker in the states of California, Washington & Oregon. Traded in my Honda Civic for a $60,000 E-class Mercedes (that was delivered to me at my office) and had my first of many months making over $10,000.

"There is enough for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed." 

The world was my oyster. Everything I needed was at my finger tips. My boss turned business partner set me up with my own office in Orange County. At one point, I had four other loan officers and ten telemarketers cranking away to bring in new business. Within weeks of signing papers at the new office, I had my first $20,000 month & financed my first condo for 590k. I had only been in business a little over a year and a half and I already found myself on the fast track to success. Everything was perfect...

(Las Vegas 2008 - this is what my life had become)

In the summer of 2007, less than one year after purchasing my condo, I was on a week long vacation in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico with my then girlfriend and another couple. Spending lots of money lavishly and not giving an ounce of thought to the possibility everything was about to change. After dropping close to $5,000 in just one week of partying in Cabo, it was time to head home. 

Tired and hungover, I expected to be greeted by smiling faces and a new round of funded loans to replenish what I had spent on my trip. Instead, it was more like an energetic bomb had exploded. Everyone looked shell shocked. While I was gone, New Century Bank, our main sub-prime lender with whom we did the majority of our business, had gone belly up. Within a week a series of other lenders followed suit. The whole market began to crash. The most sobering part? I didn't save ANY money.

Fast forward six months. It's a very humbling experience to have to pour out a cup of change from a grown up piggy bank (a 5 gallon water jug filled half way mostly with quarters), to take to Coin Star, and cash in for bills, just to buy a cheese burger at Jack In the Box for dinner. To not have gas money to fill the tank in my $60k car I could no longer afford while also now four months past due on my mortgage. A random knock on the door to be greeted by a process server letting us know we were being sued by our Homeowner's Association for not paying our dues. All this while trying to continue to pay out employees, leaving absolutely nothing left over for our own sustenance. What the hell was happening to me? What did I do to deserve this? 

"Greed does not rest until it is satisfied and it is never satisfied." 

The climax of this whole downward spiral experience was cooking pancakes by candle light in our cold shell of a home. Our electricity was cut off for excessive non payment. The gas was still on fortunately, and I have to admit, pancakes for dinner never tasted so good! It was in that moment I had the realization that would change my life.  

I wasn't going to die. 

Yes, things were difficult. Yes, in this moment my reality appeared to suck beyond measure. But, was it really that bad? I started thinking about all the people around the planet who, even despite my current circumstances, still had it WAY worse off than me. My problems, in that moment, became laughable. I actually laughed out loud. In all honesty, I think it was more like a half cry/half laugh, but whatever IT was, it was a release. It was confirmation that my situation wasn't that "bad."

I quickly found myself grateful to be alive.

Grateful to have friends and family who cared about me and who would be there if I ever needed a meal, a place to stay, a hug, or reassurance that everything was going to be ok. It was around this time my mom gave me a book to read called "The Power of Intention," by Dr. Wayne Dyer. This marked the beginning stages of my awakening. What followed was "ah hah" moment after "ah hah" moment. Remembering's of Universal Truths that lay dormant inside of my own consciousness, waiting to be triggered out by by pre-designed events, carefully orchestrated to assist in the process of becoming more aware to who I AM and "what" I'm doing here. Answers to the burning questions I held within me dating back to my youth started flushing in. What happened next, you ask?


I quickly realized it wasn't money I was after. It was happiness.

Moral of the Story #1: BE HAPPY

"It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happiness." 

Now armed with this new level of awareness, a clear head and an open heart, my work continued. Only this time I opted to implement the NATO approach  -- Not Attached to Outcome. Along with Law of Attraction, one of the many new ideologies I began to adopt early in my awakening process. 

Over the next few years, I received a Master's level education in what many call The School of Hard Knocks. Basically, hands on, high speed, high impact, high risk business training. Only this time, it wasn't only focused on the money. It was at this point I really started to grasp and better understand the concept and importance of "value." Success in business would be a direct reflection of how much value we could bring to our customers, strategic partners, employees, investors, et al. In retrospect, I still had much to learn but this was at the very least, a good start.

Moral of the Story #2: PROVIDE VALUE

"Strive not to be a success, strive instead to be of value." 

Once again, in 2009 I was back on the upswing. I was the President & CEO of an advertising and marketing startup, called SkyTek Digital Media. For a $30,000 investment we licensed and became sole distributors of a proprietary digital signage technology that was crushing the market in South Korea. 

Now, I was learning how to draft PPM's (Private Placement Memorandums), write business plans, assemble teams, high and train sales teams and virtually everything in between. In the winter of 2009, I attended a got word of an event called CEO Space, which I raised funds for and received a Certification in Entrepreneurship. What a valuable experience this was for my own self development In one week, I received MBA level training in: Marketing, Branding, Sequencing, Strategic Planning & Execution, Sales Training, Intellectual Property, Raising Capital, Public Relations, Advanced Team Building, Systems Development, Social Networking, & Internet Marketing. I know it doesn't sound feasible to learn that much in seven days, but when it's laser pointed and focused for 10 hours a day straight, it's surprising how much can be accomplished. 

I got to hang out with hugely inspiring and powerful speakers and trainers, the likes of Les Brown, Lisa Nichols, John Assaraf and the founder Berny Dohrmann. It was at this event, we were trained to greet everyone we met with, "what's your WOW, how can I serve you?" This mentality of shifting the focus from self to others was invaluable. 

Our business as a result, became all about empowering businesses through the virtue of cooperation over competition. All designed around the fundamental objective of maximum service to the customer. 

Moral of the Story #3: BE OF SERVICE

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service to others." 

Shortly after, I attended an event in Atlanta, Georgia, called Gathering of the Angels, where I stood up, knees trembling and scared out of my mind, in front of a room full of angel investors to pitch the concept of Skytek. All in all, after everything was said and done we raised nearly $500k in seed capital. Everything seemed to be on the up and up. I even won some marketing awards for the unique plan I had developed.\
Brian Kelly and SkyTek WIN Big with two Awards in Marketing
Brian Kelly, CEO and president of SkyTek Digital Media in Costa Mesa, a new advertising company specializing in digital signage, announced the company was awarded Best New Product/Service at the San Diego Chapter’s 2010 American Marketing Association’s American Marketer of the Year Award ceremony. The “AMYs” are awarded to those who succeed connecting businesses with their customers and are judged according to effectiveness, quality, style, and execution. 
SkyTek was also named a Finalist at the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce Small Business Awards for the category of Most Innovative Marketing Plan!
Unfortunately, a year later just as we were building momentum, the whole thing fell apart due to a greedy business partner and a corporate attorney who got busted stealing from some elderly clients at his church. A perfect combination of crazy and shocking. Like I said before, this was all part of my "school of hard knocks." At least things could only go in one direction from here! At least, that's what I hoped :)

After SkyTek went down I was then recruited by a guy to help him launch a concept to bring back drive in movie theaters....accept with a major twist :) Here's a quick vid of me at a rec carpet event talking about it (only 2 min):

While working with LiTEBOX I had another major breakthrough. 

Moral of the Story #4: HAVE FUN

"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing." 

My philosophy now: if it's not fun, it's not worth it. I got to attend all sorts of awesome events, watch Incubus (one of my then favorite bands ) play from backstage, meet the band Bush and lots of other cool perks. But unfortunately once again, startup challenges reared their ugly head. My boss ran out of money, couldn't pay me or his bills and the whole thing fell apart. Shortly after he was diagnosed with cancer and passed away within a year. Fortunately, I was able to reconcile my anger toward him before he passed. A lesson in itself. 

Going without pay for four months wasn't without it's share of consequences. How I pulled through it though would present what I now consider one of the major defining moments of my life. Here is that story. 

(this video is also embedded in the interview with Hope Girl below)

Moral of the Story #5: GIVE, GIVE, GIVE & then GIVE some MORE

"We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give."

"There is no such thing as a small act of kindness." 

This was right around the time I had just gotten back from a humanitarian trip/mission with my High School Health teacher, Lynne Moquete (Ms. Moquete). Every year she arranges for a group of her students to go to the Dominican Republic to help build homes for the homeless, put down cement in homes that have dirt floors, or whatever other projects need development to better serve the community, in a little village called, La Descubierta. The idea is to help students gain a sense for what life is like out of the "American bubble." It goes without saying, this trip changed my life in so many ways.

The group is called Una Vida. They also have an amazing women's cooperative program that makes authentic Dominican jewelry to enhance and empower the lives of the woman villagers there in the DR. Thank you Lynne for everything you have taught me about living a life of Service.

A few take aways from my experience. First of all, the majority of the town lives way below the poverty line. But what shocked me the most was how inherently happy everyone appeared. These are people who have struggled their entire lives to make ends meet. But on the flip side, were so incredibly grateful for what they did have. The community was more like a family than anything else. Children wandered the streets with no supervision and if strayed too far away from home would be returned by the neighbors. Never any worry about crime or kidnapping.

Lynne calls them a "front yard society," as opposed to "the backyard culture" we have grown so accustomed to in "developed nations." People hang out in the front and everyone knows each other and helps one another.

No running water in the homes. Electricity that only ran for random parts of the day (less than 8 hrs/day) and baths were taken in the local water hole. Despite all of these "supposed hardships" these people were as happy as could be. Talk about putting things into perspective. During those two weeks I lived with a host family in a tiny little shack barely able to speak a word to any of them. I got by with my broken high school Spanish but it wasn't much. They spoke NOT A WORD of English. It didn't matter. By the end of the two weeks that was my family. Mom and dad and brothers and sisters. All this without the use of language to communicate. Helped me to understand the gross limitations of language.

This family would give you the last shirt on their back if needed. MAJOR BREAKTHROUGH. My walls came crashing down.


"Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living." 

The job that I refer to in the giving video was with a company called ADT Security, where I was hired as a Sales Manager for their home security division. After five grueling interviews they finally offered me the job and despite my better judgment of taking on a gig in corporate America, I accepted and got to work.

Major financial struggles resulted in me disregarding my moral #3 (have fun).

This was my first time getting a taste of true Corporate America. It was also my first time since working in finance where I wasn't running the show or at least part of the core leadership team. It paid good money and I was able to offer a lot of value, but there was a few things I didn't resonate with. First, we were trained to sell "peace of mind." But, it didn't take me long to realize we were actually pushing fear. "Did you know one in five homes in the next five years will either have a break in or a fire?"

Secondly, I don't do corporate hierarchies well. I had three bosses at that job. Challenging? Completely. 


"Choose a job you live and you'll never have to work a day in your life." 

It was around this time that the Universe guided me to cross paths with a young, inspiring up and comer, Jake Ducey, at my yoga studio. This 20 year old kid quit his full ride basketball scholarship to travel around the world, on only $8,000, in search for life's purpose. He then came home to write a book about his journey called "Into the Wind" to inspire today's youth to follow their hearts and do what they love. On a flight to Sedona, Arizona for the weekend, I was only able to make it to about page 30 in, before I realized I had to quit my job.

Here is a short video with Jake's message:

Jake is now getting ready to launch his second book published by Penguin, foreword written by his mentor, Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul. If you want to see more of Jake, I highly recommend watching his Ted Talk. Click here for the link. 


Nick McKenny & The Crystal Battery: The Next Step

Since the launch of Hope's interview with Nick on The One Network, he has received many emails with questions about the Crystal Battery.  We've filmed this update video to answer these questions and to give more information about creating a crystal battery.

Within the next month, Nick will film a complete instruction video for turning an old car battery into a crystal battery- including how to neutralize the old battery acids and clean out the car battery safely.   We will launch this instructional video along with our Crowd Funding Campaign to move forward with the next level and our next step to bring free energy to the world.

If you have any questions, you can email Nick at  or contact him on skype: nickmckenny358

As we prepare to launch the full instructional video and  the crowd funding campaign, we are in need of donations to help us buy the items necessary to complete various levels of testing and to gather all the data we need to launch the next step in this evolution to share knowledge and energy with the world.  If you are able to donate, there are two donations buttons to the right side of this page- one for a single donation, and one to create a monthly donation.  If you cannot donate (and trust me, we understand that money is tight for everyone right now), please share this video out in your social networks and groups, and send it to any websites or forums, with a link back to this original article.

Share. Share. Share.  Knowledge & Energy!


Nick's Notes

A lead acid battery has a series of small lead plates, that are connected inside the battery in just such a way as to give a specific voltage and amperage. For car batteries, they are created to give a high amperage output for a short period of time. A deep cycle battery is designed to give a more even/ regulated output, over a period of time. The main physical difference is the thickness of the lead plates inside of the battery.

Simply put, a deep cycle battery has thicker plates than a car battery.
The four component salts are as follows:

 Potassium Chloride ( potash)

Magnesium Sulfate ( Epsom salt)

Aluminum Sulfate (Alum)

Borax ( soap)

I ground them into a fine powder and then combined them equally in water until I had almost a pourable paste.Using a power sander, I created a small vibrating table and poured the mix into the CLEAN battery.

NOTE: It is very important to make sure that ALL of the acid is out of the battery. It has to be COMPLETELY clean. Baking soda and water is the best way to neutralize the acid. Do it a bit at a time. Go slow. It is better this way. The better a job you do at every step creates a better end product.
 Here is what I have found and had corroborated by others that have helped me with this. When different metals touch each other corrosion happens and a voltage is created, This is referred to as a galvanic reaction. It is similar to the corrosion process but has some distinct differences. The salts all have component metals, for the most part.

The salts, when combined, are creating a voltage, plus the oxidization of the surface of the lead plates is creating an output power. The lead plates are acting like capacitors, in a sense. This, I believe is why the car batteries are degrading over time. The reduced surface area for oxidation combined with the loss of pure lead volume creates the degradation. The loss of volume being the main factor.

 The Bedini Motor is the recommended work around. This device is very simple to create. It is proven to recondition batteries. It works with all battery types. Lithium Ion, Lead Acid and Nickel Cadmium. The device uses high voltage/ high frequency to revert the process inside the battery.
For long term usage in a home application, deep cycle batteries are the way to go. Car batteries will work, though. Now I am trying to refine and streamline the entire process, in order to maximize the potential. One of my up and coming projects is to create my own battery. 3D print a case and combine alternating copper/ magnesium plates.


ps:  A little side note: we've tested this battery in temperatures as cold as -22C, and it works just fine!!!

Hope's interview with Nick on The One Network:

Original Laser hacker videos:

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The Great Smithsonian Cover-Up: 18 Giant Skeletons Discovered in Wisconsin

Remember when all those pictures were circulating on the internet a few years ago- the ones showing giant skeletons?  The ones that everyone said "Oh that's fake!!"  "It's Photoshopped!"....

Guess what?  They were wrong!


The Great Smithsonian Cover-Up: 18 Giant Skeletons Discovered in Wisconsin

USA Giants - SkeletonsHere’s one for your “Forbidden Archaeology” file. Scientists are remaining stubbornly silent about a lost race of giants found in burial mounds near Lake Delavan, Wisconsin, in May 1912.
The dig site at Lake Delavan was overseen by Beloit College and it included more than 200 effigy mounds that proved to be classic examples of 8th century Woodland Culture.

But the enormous size of the skeletons and elongated skulls found in May 1912 did not fit very neatly into anyone’s concept of a textbook standard. They were enormous. These were not average human beings.

Strange Skulls
First reported in the 4 May 1912 issue of the New York Times the 18 skeletons found by the Peterson brothers on Lake Lawn Farm in southwest Wisconsin exhibited several strange and freakish features.

Their heights ranged between 7.6ft and 10 feet and their skulls…
“presumably those of men, are much larger than the heads of any race which inhabit America to-day.”
They tend to have a double row of teeth, 6 fingers, 6 toes and like humans came in differant races. The teeth in the front of the jaw are regular molars. Heads usually found are elongated believed due to longer than normal life span.

One must wonder how much can they lift if twice the size of a average human today? Are these the Giants the Bible & many other civilizations have in their history and painted on their walls?

The Bible in Genisis 6:4
“There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old men of renown.”
Now this is faulty logic to any scientist out there because I am using religous/cultural history to fill a hole in science.

Over 200 Giant digs have been found in recent years. Giant skeleton finds have not made the local/national news since the 1950’s for the most part. It seems in most peoples opinion do to the fear that people would question evolution . If anything a de-evolution.

In 2002, National Geographic reported a dozen Cyclops skeletons found in Greece that stood 12-15 1/2 Ft tall. That is 3 humans tall. One eye socket. Giants in history are typically cannibalistic in nature.

The reason why I am bringing up giants will all tie into politics, and word happenings. Look at a basketball hoop and add 5 feet. That tall. Greek Mythology talks about war with cyclops learning they had to bring down by taking out their legs rendering them slow and helpless.

American Giants (Red Hair Giants) where found with egyptian writing on their tombs have been found in multiple locations.

Mystery of The Wisconsin Giants

Was this some sort of prank, a hoax played by local farm boys or a demented taxidermist for fun and the attention of the press? The answer is no.

The Lake Delavan find of May 1912 was only one of dozens and dozens of similar finds that were reported in local newspapers from 1851 forward to the present day. It was not even the first set of giant skeletons found in Wisconsin.

On 10 August 1891, the New York Times reported that scientists from the Smithsonian Institution had discovered several large “pyramidal monuments” on Lake Mills, near Madison, Wisconsin.
“Madison was in ancient days the centre of a teeming population numbering not less than 200,000,” the Times said.
The excavators found an elaborate system of defensive works which they named Fort Aztalan.
“The celebrated mounds of Ohio and Indiana can bear no comparison, either in size, design or the skill displayed in their construction with these gigantic and mysterious monuments of earth — erected we know not by whom, and for what purpose we can only conjecture,” said the Times.
On 20 December 1897, the Times followed up with a report on three large burial mounds that had been discovered in Maple Creek, Wisconsin. One had recently been opened.
“In it was found the skeleton of a man of gigantic size. The bones measured from head to foot over nine feet and were in a fair state of preservation. The skull was as large as a half bushel measure. Some finely tempered rods of copper and other relics were lying near the bones.”
Giant skulls and skeletons of a race of “Goliaths” have been found on a very regular basis throughout the Midwestern states for more than 100 years. Giants have been found in Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky and New York, and their burial sites are similar to the well-known mounds of the Mound Builder people.

The spectrum of Mound builder history spans a period of more than 5,000 years (from 3400 BCE to the 16th CE), a period greater than the history of Ancient Egypt and all of its dynasties.

There is a “prevailing scholarly consensus” that we have an adequate historical understanding of the peoples who lived in North America during this period. However, the long record of anomalous finds like those at Lake Delavan suggests otherwise.

The Great Smithsonian Cover-Up

Has there been a giant cover-up? Why aren’t there public displays of gigantic Native American skeletons at natural history museums?

The skeletons of some Mound Builders are certainly on display. There is a wonderful exhibit, for example, at the Aztalan State Park where one may see the skeleton of a “Princess of Aztalan” in the museum.

But the skeletons placed on display are normal-sized, and according to some sources, the skeletons of giants have been covered up.

Specifically, the Smithsonian Institution has been accused of making a deliberate effort to hide the “telling of the bones” and to keep the giant skeletons locked away.

In the words of Vine Deloria, a Native American author and professor of law:
“Modern day archaeology and anthropology have nearly sealed the door on our imaginations, broadly interpreting the North American past as devoid of anything unusual in the way of great cultures characterized by a people of unusual demeanor.
“The great interloper of ancient burial grounds, the nineteenth century Smithsonian Institution, created a one-way portal, through which uncounted bones have been spirited.
“This door and the contents of its vault are virtually sealed off to anyone, but government officials. Among these bones may lay answers not even sought by these officials concerning the deep past.”
Two Giant Skeletons Near Potosi, WI

The January 13th, 1870 edition of the Wisconsin Decatur Republican reported that two giant, well-preserved skeletons of an unknown race were discovered near Potosi, WI by workers digging the foundation of a saw mill near the bank of the Mississippi river.

One skeleton measured seven-and-a-half feet, the other eight feet. The skulls of each had prominent cheek bones and double rows of teeth. A large collection of arrowheads and “strange toys” were found buried with the remains.

Giant Skeleton Discovered in Maple Creek, WI

On December 20th, 1897 the New York Times reported that three large burial mounds had been discovered near Maple Creek, WI. Upon excavation, a skeleton measuring over nine feet from head to toe was discovered with finely tempered copper rods and other relics.

Giant Skeleton in West Bend, WI

A giant skeleton was unearthed outside of West Bend near Lizard Mound County Park and assembled by local farmers to a height of eight feet. More about this can be found in Washington County Paranormal: A Wisconsin Legend Trip by local author and investigator J. Nathan Couch.

While a normal-sized skeleton of a supposed mound builder (the “Princess of Aztalan”) is on display at the site of several large pyramidal monuments near Madison called Aztalan State Park, the goliath remains of Wisconsin’s giants have vanished along with the hundreds of others discovered throughout the midwest.

Many have accused the Smithsonian Institution of covering up these discoveries, locking the giant skeletons away and depriving the public of their findings.

Original article and references:

Transpicuous News Dec 16, 2014: Consulting a Higher Authority

* Side note:  Sorry my friends for the poor quality of the video- we were having some internet issues today while filming on Zoom.  .... and yes, I did shove my dog off the couch- I apologize to dog lovers everywhere who are now mortified that I would do such a terrible thing while recording the 5th take of Transpicuous News because my sweet little dog refused to go inside and kept barking, lol. 

Transpicuous News for December 16th, 2014. 

Welcome to the Silly Season with some seriously silly, and extremely frustrating and highly questionable news. This weeks report will talk about the White house seeking help from a "higher authority", the Eye of Sauron over Moscow.... or not, hidden Vatican money, using oil as the ammunition for financial terrorism, and the US budget as written by Wall Street. Wanna send a letter to the Moon? We'll cover that too!

Sydney Hostage Situation Comes to a Theatric End

Sydney siege: Hostages held in Lindt cafe

Ebola serum supply reaches Liberia

Neurobehavioural effects of developmental toxicity


Paid to Promote Eye Drug, and Prescribing It Widely

First commercial lunar mission: Send 'sand from favorite beach' or family pic to moon

Real-life 'Eye of Sauron' will open up over Moscow skyscraper tower

‘You shall not pass’: Eye of Sauron will NOT watch over Moscow

Denmark to officially claim piece of Arctic shelf, including North Pole

1795 time capsule found in Boston capitol

Time Capsule Buried by Paul Revere and Sam Adams Discovered in Boston

113-year-old time capsule found in Boston

Ten major US banks fined $43.5mn over IPO scandal

Vatican finds hundreds of millions of euros "tucked away"- cardinal

US asks Vatican to help close Guantanamo Bay

Want to get rich? Don't pay off your student loans

New York to Award First Vegas-Style Casino Licenses This Week

Japan’s Secrecy Law Takes Effect as Abe Seeks Fair Vote Coverage

Abe coalition secures big Japan election win with record low turnout

Senator: Bush Misled Nation in Run-up to Iraq War

Facing justice: UN, HRW, Amnesty call for prosecuting US officials for torture

'I'd do it again!' Cheney defends CIA torture, calls interrogators heroes

Cheney Says Bush Fully Informed About CIA Interrogation Tactics

The US dropped their "membership" in the Hague in 1985 when Nicaragua brought them up of charges before the Hague

International Court of Justice

U.S.: 'Hague Invasion Act' Becomes Law


The Iran-Contra Scandal

Rethinking Iran-Contra: A Much Darker Story?

The Bushes & the Truth About Iran

Navy: New laser weapon works, ready for action

What frightened the USS Donald Cook so much in the Black Sea?

Biggest Greek stock market drop since 1987 over surprise election

What Do They Know? CME Implements Gold, Precious Metals Circuit Breakers Up To $400 Wide

"However, no further special price fluctuation limits will be implemented following a trading day’s fourth price fluctuation limit adjustment."

U.A.E. Sees OPEC Output Unchanged Even If Oil Drops to $40

Canada’s currency at 54mo low as oil prices collapse below $60

Guess What Happened The Last Time The Price Of Oil Crashed Like This


Shutdown Averted: Wall Street Divides Lawmakers

31 minute mark for my comments about the big banks and the spin doctoring of the legislation

Congressional liberals rebelled Wednesday against a must-pass spending bill that would keep the government open past midnight Thursday, complaining that it would roll back critical limits on Wall Street and sharply increase the influence of wealthy campaign donors.
Washington Post:

The Democrats also are furious at how the provision was inserted into the 1,603-page spending bill. They have branded it a last-minute "backroom" maneuver, engineered at the behest of bank industry lobbyists.

Yahoo News:

Wall Street moves in for the kill
"....Wall Street is moving to consolidate its wins.
This week its allies were trying to kill a Dodd/Frank provision designed to reduce the need for future big-bank bailouts. Negotiators seeking to avert a government shutdown had inserted a provision into the compromise agreement which would once again allow the country’s too-big-to-fail banks to gamble on derivatives – the exotic financial instruments which helped precipitate the last crisis – with funds that are insured by taxpayers."

Press TV:

"....House Speaker John Boehner said in a statement the bill is a good one he hopes Congress will pass.
“It protects jobs, it stops wasteful spending. In fact, we’ve now reduced overall discretionary spending some $176 billion since the 2010 fiscal year…it’s a good bill and I think it reflects the people’s priorities,” he said in a statement."

Fox News:

Furthermore, the lists of so-called deregulatory policies typically offered as evidence of crisis-inducing financial market deregulation are nothing of the sort. Instead, they simply demonstrate that Congress made many changes to pre-existing regulations. That’s not deregulation....
...And if they really do stand for limited government, the perfect place to start is by shutting down Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the two government-sponsored housing firms that played a central role in the 2008 crisis.....
...That approach would have shut down Fannie and Freddie, but it also would have replaced them with companies explicitly guaranteed by taxpayers. Somehow, this was supposed to be an improvement over the old system, where Fannie and Freddie enjoyed implicit taxpayer backing.
To this day, the two companies remain under government control and virtually untouched by any of the added regulations or capital requirements Dodd-Frank forced on private firms.

Fannie and Freddie officially approve 3% down payment mortgages (for 1st time homebuyers and lower incomes)
Here we go again! Mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have now officially approved 3% down payment mortgages.

Here's what's tucked in the spending bill - cnn list

Senate Push on Final Spending Bill Thwarted by Disputes

China's role in the Silver paper market: The Art of War

One People Round Table Dec 16-2014- VIDEO

One People Round Table Dec 16-2014

 16 December 2014

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Today’s discussion went into the ongoing research and findings around the former OPPT.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Sydney Hostage Situation Comes to a Theatric End

Australia Terror: Sydney Hostage Situation Comes to a Theatric End

australian false flag sheikh haron man hoax lindt chocolate cafe
According to Sydney’s New South Wales Police Force’s Twitter account: The “Sydney siege is over.”
Mainstream reports are saying Man Haron Monis, also known as Sheikh Haron, an Iranian refugee with several sexual assault charges, held more than 30 hostages inside the Lindt Chocolate Cafe in Martin Place, downtown Sydney — the complex which houses financial institutions such as Australia’s central bank, holding Australia’s economy within its perimeter. 
The propaganda, almost instantly, is dripping from corporate media reports, painting a picture of a deranged, sadistic, perverted Muslim terrorizing Australians. 
“He was also found guilty in 2012 of sending offensive and threatening letters to families of eight Australian soldiers killed in Afghanistan, as a protest against Australia’s involvement in the conflict, according to local media reports.”CBC.
Starting at around 10 a.m Monday morning, after 5 hours into the melee three hostages escaped, followed by two others. Sources report they were not released. After they were out, according to CNN, Haron “became agitated” and began shouting orders at the remaining hostages. How CNN would know what was going on inside is anybody’s guess.
Startlingly, Haron had no demands for his troubles except for a flag that looked nearly identical to an ISIS flag, which read, “there is no God but God and Mohammed is the prophet of God,” and a phone call — to whom it hasn’t been reported.
His demands — the flag and phone call — were given through a number of hostages who were told to call several media agencies by the man. Apparently videos were uploaded to the internet from inside, but for some reason, though they would show no violent material as there were no injuries until the end of the event, police are denying the media, and therefore anyone else, the right to see them.
“Some had also reportedly posted messages to social networking sites and the YouTube online video service. Police urged media early Tuesday not to show the videos.”CNN.
The scene ended in the hours of the night as the power was cut to the cafe, the lights went out, and flash grenades were thrown inside. After that, police rushed the entrance and began firing an extensive amount of rounds into the cafe. The shots were loud, but there were no screams. There has been no word on the gunman or the hostages condition since, though last night there were reports while the situation was still unfolding that one man was sent to hospital. When asked by reporters what happened to the man, David Faktor, spokesman for St. Vincent’s Hospital, wouldn’t comment any further than “he’s fine.”
The whole scene was filmed — in a theatrical sense — and broadcast across the globe, although the viewer never sees anything but police and hears nothing but loud bangs, nearly exact to the video provided to Canadians of the Zehaf-Bibeau shooting in Canada’s parliament, which has been proven a false flag thoroughly.

Unlike Canada’s attack, which was somehow filmed in it’s entirety, minus the actual shootings, in Sydney’s case, just by chance, or maybe not so much, Haron couldn’t have picked a better spot for Australia’s first bout with lone wolf Islamic terrorism, as Channel Seven News is conveniently located across the walkway from the cafe. They were able to film the 16 hour event to syndicate their footage the world over from the comfort of their own building.
lindt cafe and channel 7 news australia
Also a very interesting twist, in 2013 an anti-terror drill was run by authorities in Martin Place, the exact location this scenario played out in “real life.” Yesterday we posted an article with a video from dutchsinse of an Aussie news report with footage of that drill, but within only hours it has already been taken down by Youtube.
martin place terror drill australia hostage situation lindt choclate cafe
Even more questionable than last years’ drills, and almost putting the nail in the coffin that this is in fact a false flag being reported as a real event, as reported on Channel Seven News — the network across from the cafe — terrorism drills and raids were being practiced at Martin Place right before the hostage situation was reported to the public. Police have stated the two situations aren’t connected.
Screenshot (445)
More questions than answers have been provided about this suspicious situation that suddenly sprung up to give Lindt Chocolate 24/7 advertising around the world, and since the situation mirrors Canada’s lone wolf false flag so much — shotty video, no motive, radical Muslim, broadcasted live — it’s reasonable to assume this was a drill reported as real life before assuming otherwise, at least until some solid evidence is presented by the press, as this situation will definitely steer public opinion against radical Islamists and boost support for the war in the Middle East, which the people of Australia have no business in, but are paying for nonetheless. To us skeptics, this just seems like their government’s way of saying, “this is why.”
More to come…

By Olan Thomas of

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