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Friday, 26 September 2014

Manuscript of survival: the bitch slap

Once again, I am left speechless at the accuracy and "timeliness" of the message.  Lisa and I had a very long talk this afternoon ... one that rambled down many avenues.  Then I received this link and wella!!!   Energetic bitch slap received.  We both thank you. xoxo


The manuscript of survival – part 425

This message will perhaps shake up a few of those old misconceptions that still survive even in some of the enlightened circles. You see, this has very much to do about the very nature of things, and when we say that we are actually referring to the state that makes everything come about or rather come into existence in a way that enables you to perceive them. For existence and the definition of it is indeed a very convoluted subject, as what seems to exist to a human, is merely the tiniest tip of the proverbial iceberg compared to what really is out here. You see, or rather, you cannot see so much of what truly IS, and even with the most sophisticated of your equipment, you have only started to scratch the surface of Creation. Or perhaps we should say you have only seen one tiny layer of that huge and complex structure. And so, mankind go around with some very set notions in their minds of what IS and what is indeed possible, and so you continue to see everything from an extremely narrow perspective.
We know that this will make many of you nod your heads in agreement, after all, you are the ones who have persistently been seeking outside of these narrow confines for a very long time now. Yet, you have still not managed to come very far from that somewhat humble beginnings you started your quest from. And no, this is not said in order to rile you in any way, or for us to try to imply any kind of superiority over you. Far from it, this is simply intended as a reminder that you still have so much to search for on this quest for answers. And yes, this may frustrate you to no end, for what you can sense if you truly prick up your senses is a field so vast, it makes it almost unbearably irritating at times not to be able to see it more clearly. And so, you may kick out in despair or you may simply pull back your feelers and content yourself with exploring the field you have already crossed before. But by doing that, you are actually allowing yourself to narrow down your own field of potential in a very tangible way. You see, you are the only one who can go where no man has gone before, and if you resist letting that tantalizing whiff of knowledge lead you on, you will only serve to slow down not only yourself but all of mankind.
Again, this is not any form of criticism, rather it is an important reminder for you all to continue to push through those boundaries you still have when it comes to your own abilities to seek perfection. And when we say perfection, we do not mean that in any superficial way, rather, it is to remind you all of your own greatness. For you already are all of those things you cannot even begin to believe is true, but still, you have yet to truly own that greatness, to take it fully into your possession once again. For this cannot be done by anyone else but you, and in doing that, you will help to open the door for everyone else that might find the courage to enter that same hall that you have so boldly stepped into. You see, someone has to take that first step, but up until now, so many of you have hesitated at that very doorstep, and for one reason or the other, you have chosen to step back in the hope that someone else may take the lead. But now it is our task to remind each and every one of you of your own responsibility in this whole operation. For as we have told you again and again, what you do, you do for all, so too in this.
In other words, the more you choose to hold yourself back, the more you will actually serve to slow down the process for all those following in your footsteps. Remember, you are the wayshowers in every sense of the word, for you act as the vanguard for a whole host of others, and so, whenever you think yourself unable to complete another step on this journey, you slow down and so do all those behind you. For you are indeed trailblazers in the right sense of the word, and that is why you are here, to find a way to overcome your own inhibitions. For you can already fly, but for all of your lives you have done nothing more than run at top speed at the most. You see, you are so much freer than you still seem to think, and for many of you, the old idea of disbelief in your own abilities is still anchoring you very firmly in that old way of thinking and acting. And so, look upon this as a kind of shaking of the tree, an impetus to give yourself that extra push you need to push yourself off that branch you have been clinging so tenaciously to for such a long time now.
For you are more than ready to fly dear ones, but like a timid fledgling, you sit there waiting for the right opportunity to do so. Well, that window of opportunity has been standing wide open for quite some time now, the sky is clear and the wind is indeed favourable, so why not make a firm decision to cast off once and for all? You see, you will not crash nor fail, for your wings have been constructed to carry a far heavier weight than yourself. For you will be bringing so much more with you into the air when you finally dare to soar, for when you lift off, all of humanity will feel themselves being pulled along in your wake. So once again we say do not make yourself smaller than you truly are, and stop stopping yourself by questioning your own inherent qualities. For you are all shining examples of souls that know no limits at all – in every sense of the word, but still, you have an ability to override that truth with some carefully chosen words of discouragement whenever the opportunity to truly shine your light arises.
This does not mean that you are merely shadows of yourselves, hiding in the corners at all times, far from it. For you have lifted yourselves and this world a far cry from that old and dreadful state you used to linger in, and with every step you take, you continue to spread that inner light of yours far across the land. But still, there is something within you that continues to keep your light just that much dimmer than it truly is, and now the time has come for you all to adjust your wattage if we may use such an expression. You see, you do not lack anything at all, except perhaps the courage to truly shine as brightly as you actually can. So now, we do hope you will all remember to take some time to look at your own light in the light of this truth, and we venture to guess that what you see if you truly acknowledge your inner greatness, will be a far cry from the meager supply of light that actually reaches the outside. Not that it is far too small to have an effect, but it is simply a small taste of what you have to offer yourself in the way of enlightenment. And when you dare to offer your own inner light freely to yourself, then you will also automatically begin to share that immense powerhouse with the rest of mankind, with the rest of this world, and with the rest of Creation. And remember, it is sorely needed, for this planet has been left to survive on the merest scraps of light for far too long now. But now, thanks to your ability to once more connect to Source, there is no more lack of resources on this planet, as long as you all allow yourselves to truly shine at your very brightest.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

*gilga-mike‏: the vision of mobility

I am posting the epic words of my friend gilga mike... from somewhere on the coast of Spain, where he is making his journey to educate the world.

- Open letter –
- Presentation and sharing of the clearest ºvisionº – a ^download^ -
- the offer to You to participate, comment, advice, criticize, share, evaluate, re-fine, im<prove –
>>>or even>better: con>tri>bute, im<ple>ment -
...DO and BE in it whatever Your passion, expertise and calling may be.
You KNOW in your heart that we HAVE to DO something to save this ^ship^ - and quickly.

After hearing *LittleºGrandmotherºNaisha* ( this iS Your call>to>^action^ - please find Your role – Your part in this and take>the>care for our planet back – for the healing of our race and this sacred ºbiosphereº our mother ºTerraºGaiaºSophiaº!

This goes to Heather A.T.-J., to Alfred L.W., to Michael T., to Lisa M.H., to Jordan M., to Mehran T.K., to Bob W., to *D* of RTS, to Bill of AK, to Brian otKf, to Sasha S.&TNEP, to Mary E.C.of KoG,, to Santos B., to David I., to Ben F., to David W. And to many-more -
You-get-the-picture – the general vibes and conviction – the common-grounds and You are most welcome to feel included in this address-line – please take it as if adressed directly to YOU! -

ThankYou for being a bright beacon of Light – a wayseer into the new golden age!

This ºvisionº I will share with You now targets the issue of >>>MOBiLiTY<<< and transport directly – and many others in it´s wake. It will when implemented be able to change our community dramatically and on a planet-wide scale for the better .I share with You here the clearest vision I have had in these past 40 years in this particular imbodiment – a vision of mobility in harmony with all of life – for and by the people – centered around a vision of one – owned by the people – living works of ºart&engineeringº. A new creation – authored by the people – therefore legal by definition (authority) to be operated with respect to common-sense and common-law – un-registered and un-licensed. But let´s start with the status quo:

All roadways, air-corridors and water-straights are curently filled with vehicles planned by, built by, owned by, controlled and supplied by the crown –
- the military-industrial-petroleum-pharmaceutical-media-brainwash-fraudulent-bankster-system – conceptualized around the main focus – profit.- money.
Therefore these vehicles had to be loud, stressful, wasteful, dangerous, uniform (to-a-degree), made-to-break, and many other well-known attributes that serve profit but disrupt and disturb and eventually destroy the harmony of life. It´s about re-claiming responsibility – about taking the power of mobility back into the hands of the people. This project&vision is all about the liberation of our race & the planet from the many shackles and suffocating stranglehold of the commercial octopus – the re-claiming of our sovereignity – the change of focus from a money-profit-brain-centered community to the LOVE-for-ALL-LiFE – heart-centered focus and awareness.

I know that we the people can DO much better than that. On all streets that I´ve seen around the globe – in all <purported> “legal-systems” there are a few wheels on the streets that defy all <strongly-ssuggested!> “needs” for “registration” or “licensing”. There are allways a few self-made – home-made “choppers” - bicycles, roller-blades, strollers, skates, and things that evade all provided categories and are silently tolerated without links to the ^crown^.

Here´s where the ºRuºLiºs come>in (ºRuedasºLibresº) – or ºFreeºWeeºs (ºFreeºWheelersº) – or ºOºCºs (ºOrganicºChoppersº).

Around the planet I see groups of like-minded people coming together in pursuit of creating a joint work of art&engineering around the vision-of-One – or any group-of-One – a vision of appearance and utility. As a general rule we can just turn-around and use the opposite of the profit-driven principle: Our creations should be quiet, calming, independent of the commercial web, built-to-last, safe and open to modifications and improvement – implication of new technologies as they become known.

The vision will be shared in an intitial meeting – a parts-and-talents-list will be worked-out and handed-out to all and the work of creation will begin.

The general guidelines are the UBUNTU-principle – the value-paradigm and -definition of Being and Doing – common-sense really. All will be UN-registered, iN<official, and legal by definition. We, the pwople – in fact each One – as the author of an original iS the authority – and all people equally own the creation-of-one. Details will have to be worked-out by the geeks for legal games and our high philosophers...

The internet will provide for a platform to connect with ºOºCºTeams world-wide in a hub of open-source sharing of experiences, solutions, ideas and technologies.

The great side-effect of this joining of similar base-frequencies and wave-lengths will be that of information-sharing concerning the sovereignity. Information that makes me confident enough to set the precedence – go travel from here in a ºRuºLiº and educate every human being man or woman in a <proclaimed> uniform about the backgrounds of the lie they´ve been tricked into enforcing.

I have travelled and lived on the European mainland since December 2013 – without ^crown^documents^- without ever mentioning the name of the family I´ve grown-up in – thanks to all the great people and their findings that I hinted at in the address-line. Since arriving here on the Iberian Peninsula in January I´ve talked to people in uniforms on more than 10 seperate instances – mostly about half-hour or more. Mostly I was holding a cigarette of good cannabis in my hand and often smoking it while talking to the different arms of the <purported> enforcers here in <alleged> spain. They never touched me – never took my smoke – and mostly made me many compliments and bid me a respectful farewell when I decided to leave the scene.

I want to set the model – the precedence for all to see and have the confidence that it is indeed possible to exit the matrix now at any time You decide – WeBeFree*! But I also want to inspire others to take action – to take the power back – to stand in full confidence and sovereignity.

Each of us has a role in this and the last thing I want You to do is sit behind Your PC-screen and wait for “it” to “happen”. What are YOU going to DO about it?!‏

Are You a mechanic, a tech-geek, a scientis of any kind? You´ve got work to do – obviously!
Are You a visual artist? A designer? A creative visionairyº? Come up with and share your concepts, drawings, creative work – describe Your vision of mobility – let´s make the mythº!
Are You an organizer, a manager, a motivator, one who can envision and manifest projects, attract, find, delegate tasks? Start an ºOrganicºChopperºTeamº and ºProjectº in your area.
Are You a computer-geek, a coder, a programmer, a web-designer or just like to be creative on the computer? Help set-up and create and design the web-hub to connect the global web of ºOrganicºChopperºTeamsº!
Are You schooled and educated in the game of law and <purported> legal-systems? Help us find ways to get-around existing rules, statutes, regulations – help us in standing our grounds when confronted by un-knowing clowns in official-looking costumes.!
If You are a journalist, a blogger, host a radio-show or do interviews please help make this viral – before the monstrous legal fictions that want to prevent us from doing this even know what´s happening. Please let me explain if anything seems unclear – if there are any questions for clarification or details please contact me. I will make the time for a skype-connection (Skype knows me as “umanmike”) - or get in touch via Facebook

Whatever You decide to DO or BE – LOVE ALL LiFE*!


Awakening in the Whirlwind: "The Event"

Over the past few days there has been a HUGE shift of energies- on all levels of awareness:   physical, emotional, mental, planetary and most especially in that consciousness that is accessed by everyone through perceived "dreamtime" "astral" and "higher dimensional" realms.  Though many perceive these areas or "realms" to be separate from what they see as "reality", or of this "solid" earthly dimension, they are in fact the true reality in which we exist.  In which I AM, ONE, Source,..... ALL of us, exist as I AM  and are all ONE.

We- in this water vessel that we call our body- are living in the matrix.  Just like the movie of the same name, the vast majority of the beings on this planet believe that they are living a life that is solely represented in their daily, physical, waking, “logical” experience.   They do not understand, nor can even comprehend that all that they think of as "real" is in fact just their perception of their physical being, as opposed to their actual BEing.   While we, in this physical form/avatar/body, roam around this planet, going about our daily lives as independent beings, living only for this moment/perception of physicality, WE, the BEings/perceptions that make up I AM, are roaming all aspects of   "dimension", "reality”, kNOWing exactly who WE are and why we are  "HERE".

The experiment/experience/game/act that we have been playing out is now over.  Now we are "waking" up to the truth of our "reality"....

.... There is no spoon.

What we perceive as solid reality, is just a construct.  A stage that has been created to host a brilliant production call "The experiment in separation and duality experience".  And that play is now over.

Hence the massive energetic shifts and waves of new energy that are sweeping over and through us almost moment by moment.  THIS is the "Awakening".

We are not waiting for “The Event” to happen.... The "Event" IS HAPPENING.  The "Event" has been happening for a long time now, with each new moment bringing new energies and new understanding, and HUGE shifts in awareness.

"The Event" is not "ascension" or levels of "Dness", or light chambers, or new financial/legal/governmental systems,  or the coming of our "cosmic cousins", or first/second/third comings of _______ (insert religiously or hierarchically based name here)..... "The Event" IS what IS happening right now.  On ALL planes of "existence", in ALL "dimensions", on ALL levels of "reality" "time" "space".   We can feel it, see it, touch it, experience it through every pore or particle of our BEing..... You just have to allow it through and SEE, FEEL, EXPERIENCE it as it IS,  not as you expected, wanted or believed it would be.

As I said a few weeks ago, there are several messages that are coming through that are being read off of the energetic "grid" in what we call "real time", as in: they are reporting what they are seeing/feeling/experiencing without any perceive time lag.   Everything is moving at the speed of heart right now- which is very very fast indeed!!!!  I am posting three very pertinent messages that came through on the 22/23 of this month- during an energetic whirlwind of epic proportions.  Each carries very important clarification and confirmation of what has/is happening RIGHT NOW.

I will post them here in the order that they appeared.

A short update on the Equinox energies and a short update from me

Now, you are only a few short hours away from that point in time when your entire planet once more hangs as if suspended in equilibrium when the light and the dark seem to be equally distributed all over. Well, that may be the case, but let us just remind you that this time there is indeed another huge influx of light coming your way just when the time seems to stand still and you with it. You see, once again this window of opportunity that this equinox constitutes will be utilized, and this time it will indeed far surpass any previous occasions.

So once again we remind you to stay focused within, and stay alert to any signs you will get as this day and night continue to advance, for we venture to guess you will all be asked to act as hosts to these emissaries of light that will come a-knocking, and as we have already discussed, this time you will be expected to interact with these messengers in a very special way. So make sure to stay awake in a way that will enable you to literally tune into this huge surge of enlightened messengers coming your way, and when we say stay awake, it does not necessarily entail going without sleep in the hours ahead. Rather, it entails staying alert to any subtle or perhaps not so subtle signals heralding the onset of this massive injection of light that is coming your way even as we speak.

Continue reading HERE

Heavy Sensations Come Rapidly to the Surface in Gaia Inhabitants at this moment

gaia_energy1Heavy Sensations Come Rapidly to the Surface in Gaia Inhabitants at this moment, for visualization, rectification, and clearing.
Assistance for all those requesting is rapid and thorough.
Processing of Hue-Beings and hu-beings is strong at this moment, and requires “sensation of heaviness” to call attention to energetics needing to be cleared.
Such processing continues, as needed, for all Gaia inhabitants, primarily during the autumnal equinox to 10-10-14 pe

The Release of Constraints

Many of you may have experienced an intense equinox with much emotion surfacing which may have floored you.  The distortions that are taught within the old 3D earth created construct are not supported in the New Earth frequency realities. As the planet itself is raising its frequency then the frequencies that no longer resonate within the human vehicle rise to the surface.   It is to be noted that ANY triggers that have appeared for you over the past linear 48 hours are there to HELP you, you can only release that which you can see and acknowledge at a human conscious waking mind level.
There is no more “hiding” any longer, that which no longer serves the human race will be illuminated from within the human race.  From the simplest teaching to the most complex hidden teaching the frequencies are no longer supported therefore rise to the surface to be released. Any attempts at swallowing down said frequencies and “carrying on” will see much frustration and intense emotional pain manifest within you. The emotional pain is there to be released, the human race has been TAUGHT to accept abandonment, betrayal and grief as a “natural” part of being human and as this is not TRUTH it is not supported.
It is NOT possible to lose LOVE in TRUTH, it is what YOU ARE at point of origin of creation.  As this is TRUTH it is THIS point of origin of creation frequency that seeks to FLOW through you, around you and within you.  To try to prevent this FLOW is akin to asking a tree to become a daffodil, it cannot because it is a tree and a tree is its purpose, its experience is that of a tree therefore no matter how hard it tries to be a daffodil it will still be a tree!
Many of you at this moment are attempting to remain within the parameters of a bandwidth that was TAUGHT to you within the old 3D earth created construct.  At this time you may be unable to physically see how you can create a life that is any different to what is APPEARING to be your life at this moment and yet at each moment of each moment you have the NOW moment of creation. It is not possible to simply create a more shiny, happier version of the life that you live at this time for that is not the purpose of your life experience in human form on this planet.
“Ascension” is the precursor to EVOLUTION, you have come here to this planet to EVOLVE in this your human form, hence the upgrading of your human vehicle from a carbon based vehicle to a CRYSTALLINE form, allowing more energy to flow around you, through you and within you.  This is a physical manifestation, the dreaming is but PART of the process, the energy that YOU ARE in TRUTH will move you at all moments into a HIGHER frequency in order to illuminate the lower frequencies in order that you release them fully. Only by releasing them can you move into balance and harmony.
Unfortunately the word and the very concept of “Love” has been highly distorted within the old 3D earth created construct.  Many people use “love” as a weapon, fully believing that it is something that can be withheld or given, LOVE JUST IS, it cannot be taken from you, nor can it be given to you for it is YOU in TRUTH.  To believe that love is something that can be bartered or lost or given or taken is akin to stating that the oxygen that you breathe can only be moved through your lungs if you are good enough/tall enough/thin enough/ young enough etc.  Oxygen JUST IS, in human form you breathe it without much thought, you do not pour each moment into thinking HOW or WHY it goes through your lungs you just allow it to inflate your lungs etc.  So it is with LOVE in TRUTH, it JUST IS, it is always there, it is the teachings that you have anchored that seek to change your perception of what it is.  Indeed what you perceive it is has NO EFFECT at all on the LOVE that IS for it JUST IS.
LOVE in TRUTH knows NO boundaries, no colour, no gender, no age etc due to the fact that it  JUST IS, it is available to ALL. Within the old 3D earth created construct from the moment you are born into a human form you are taught that you must do x and y if you are to be accepted and loved. This deep distortion is the foundation you are TAUGHT to run your life experience from, it is the operating system if you will of the human life experience.  The New Earth frequencies seek to dissolve this foundation for it is NOT TRUTH,  the transition process that begins this process is one that may trigger you hugely and the triggers are there to HELP YOU.
YOU are not your job, your relationship, you gender, your age or any other “label” that society seeks to place upon you, YOU ARE YOU but many of you at this time are trying to hold on to the labels fully believing that dissolving the labels dissolves who YOU ARE, everything on Planet Earth is back to front within the old 3D earth created construct, it is only by dissolving ALL labels that you can even get a glimpse of who YOU ARE in TRUTH.
At this time you are asked to allow the process that you have entered to continue, indeed there is NO return to the lower frequencies as you move and expand you will find that it is not possible to return to “what was”. In TRUTH it no longer exists, all that ever exists is the NOW moment, the life experience is referenced by your human logical mind in a sort of filing cabinet giving the illusion of past, present and future. This construct is also dissolving and may be highly triggering to you at this time.  The life experience in human form upon this planet is now evolving into a deep experience that is created BY YOU, FOR YOU from within YOU.
There is nothing that exists out with of SELF, everything is but a mirror to what is going on INSIDE of you and therefore can only be changed from INSIDE of SELF, never out with, in other words you cannot change the world from the outside because it is created from within.  Huge shifts and changes will now unfold within the human race as the heart space is now cleared of the lower dimensional frequencies of grief, abandonment and betrayal.   For many of you this may at a human physical waking mind level see you swing from intense anger to intense tears of release and back again.  Let the tears flow and acknowledge the anger, that is all that is needed.  No longer do you walk the earth a storage vessel for your emotions, this was never the purpose of your human vehicle, only when the vehicle has been emptied of the stored emotions can the energies fully flow and balance be restored.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Chinese call America's bluff: what moon landing?

My friends.... I have no idea if this is actually true, but it's so damn funny that I just had to post it!!!




Beijing | Top officials of the Chinese Space Program have come out this morning and expressed their feelings that the American moon landings “were a complete hoax” reports the Beijing Daily Express.

200 high-ranking officials from the Chinese Space Program have signed a petition asking explanations from the American government and the release of classified NASA information concerning the American moon landings that would prove to the World that the moon landings were not an elaborately orchestrated hoax to fool the World about America’s space program capabilities.
These allegations have come up through recent analysis of pictures taken from the Chinese moon rover that allegedly found no traces of the American moon landings existing on the moon.
Pictures taken from Yutu, the Chinese moon rover, that has landed on the moon in 2013, allegedly shows no proof whatsoever of the American moon landings ever happening

World renowned Russian nuclear engineer Yury Ignatyevich Mukhin has also signed the petition as well as a dozen other top Russian engineers and ex-KGB agents claiming the Russian Government “had always been aware of the situation since the early 1970′s”

These recent discoveries could strangely give credence to conspiracy theorists whom have claimed for decades that America had never gone to the moon but that the American moon landings were but an elaborate hoax to foul Russia into the space race and eventually, the nuclear arms race, with the purpose of ruining Russia, much like the financing of the Mujahideen forces during the soviet Afghanistan war successfully achieved.
- See more at:

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Transpicuous News Show: episode 1- Ebola

Welcome to the new look of Transpicuous News!   We will be recording regular episodes of The Transpicuous News Show on The One Network.   As each episode is released, I will posts the videos and all the related material here.

Last week we filmed my first episode of Transpicuous News for the One Network.  This episode is focused on the "Ebola" outbreak and other "viral" issues ongoing in the world at this moment.

I am putting together episode 2 with some follow up information..... soon.

Note:  The final 10 minutes of the show, which was an update that Lisa and I filmed the next day, has terrible sound- sorry folks!   We've now learned our lesson to wait for our audio wizard to set up a proper mic instead of just using the laptop mic.  We promise not to do it again !

Transpicuous News Ep 1- Ebola

0 Comments 20 September 2014

Debut broadcast of Transpicuous News with Dani Arnold McKenny. In this episode D discusses the current Ebola ‘situation’ in West Africa.
When Ebola isn’t really ebola, and EV-D68 is really Polio:  Digging deep to connect the dots of medical mythology.



D's Removing the Shackles "ebola" articles

The Ebola Outbreak: The "Pandemic" that isn't.-  August 2, 2014

When is Ebola not Ebola? ... When it walks off an airplane- August 4, 2014

Ebola: WHO wants to recreate the Smallpox debacle- September 7, 2014

lets look at the oil reserves in northern Africa- well would you look at that!  all the countries that have “ebola” outbreaks are also known to be oil rich!

So the world’s militariess are all fumbling around with no funding and severe funding cut backs.  So if you have a place that you want to control, yet you don’t have the money to actually create some sort of excuse to send in your military, then you need to find another way, right?  wella!  a medical emergency allows you to openly send in the UN “peacekeeping” troops and the “CDC” (you know that the CDC is actually part of the US military right?)  Using the CDC gives you an excuse to get funds, ‘cause you know.... it’s a medical emergency!  That of course gives you an excuse to send in the military to “support” the CDC personnel under the guise of “peace keeping”, and if they just happen to take over some oil fields... well.... you know.

This is actually a very important aspect to all of this “ebola” scare.  There is no money, so they have to come up with other ways to do what they want.  When there is no money, they have to use other means to control- ie: FEAR.
and of course there is the fact that they are using the “Ebola” outbreak to project FEAR and distraction to the global population.

Ebola symptoms
early ebola symptoms are almost identical to malaria and typhoid fever, chikunga, and dengue fever, which in it’s severest form is called dengue hemoraggic fever.

malaria deaths map:

Health Minister Debunks Outbreak of Ebola Virus in Nigeria, Says Is Dengue Fever

"he said as a follow up to the report in a section of the media on the outbreak of Ebola disease in Nigeria, the Federal Ministry of Health wishes to inform the general public that laboratory investigation has revealed that it is a case of Dengue Heamorrhagic Fever and not that of Ebola virus as erroneously reported.’

Globally, Malaria, dengue and Yellow fever account for over 1.5 MILLION deaths a year.

***  after recording the first transpicuous news edition yesterday afternoon, I sat back and reviewed (as best my memory could) everything that I spoke about.  I spoke “off the cuff” for the vast majority of the show and rarely looked at my notes, lol- which was probably apparent as I found myself going off on a few tangents.  One of the points that I wanted to make very clear was not fully brought through, so I would like to finish that part of the conversation here.  I was speaking about dengue fever and stated that I have had both dengue and malaria in the past (I’ve actually had dengue twice) and that dengue is so horrible that you actually wish you would die.  This is an important point, because the mind is in complete control of the body when you are in that extreme state of sickness.  If you are in the throws of dengue fever, and if a medical person tells you: “You have Ebola”... you are immediately in that mind space that you are going to die!  There is no question. It is a statement of absolute.  Lisa and I are recording a follow up to this point later on today, because it's importance cannot be stated strongly enough.

As  a side note, Tokyo has just had their first cases of dengue fever since 1945- all surrounding one park in Tokyo.

Japan- dengue fever:

Rare outbreak in Tokyo as WHO warns of spread of dengue fever
By Euan McKirdy, CNN
September 6, 2014 -


Virus hitting the U.S. could be 'tip of iceberg,' CDC official says
By Michael Martinez, John Newsome, Elizabeth Cohen and Jen Christensen, CNN
September 9, 2014 -

"In Kansas City, about 475 children were recently treated at Children's Mercy Hospital, and at least 60 of them received intensive hospitalization, spokesman Jake Jacobson said......
.....An analysis by the CDC showed at least 30 of the Kansas City children tested positive for EV-D68, according to the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services......      

""Unlike the majority of enteroviruses that cause a clinical disease manifesting as a mild upper respiratory illness, febrile rash illness, or neurologic illness (such as aseptic meningitis and encephalitis), EV-D68 has been associated almost exclusively with respiratory disease," the Missouri health agency said."

Enterovirus D68
Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) is one of many non-polio enteroviruses. Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) infections are thought to occur less commonly than infections with other enteroviruses. EV-D68 was first identified in California in 1962.....

U.S. healthcare professionals are not required to report known or suspected cases of EV-D68 infection to health departments because it is not a reportable disease in the United States. Also, CDC does not have a surveillance system that specifically collects information on EV-D68 infections.
No data is currently available regarding the overall burden of morbidity or mortality from EV-D68 in the United States. Any data CDC receives about EV-D68 infections or outbreaks are voluntarily provided by labs to CDC’s National Enterovirus Surveillance System (NESS). NESS collects limited data, focusing on circulating types of enteroviruses and parechoviruses.

Severe Respiratory Illness Associated with Enterovirus D68 — Missouri and Illinois, 2014
Early Release- CDC
September 8, 2014
Enteroviruses are associated with various clinical symptoms, including mild respiratory illness, febrile rash illness, and neurologic illness, such as aseptic meningitis

WIKI- Enterovirus 68

EV68 almost exclusively causes respiratory illness, and varies from mild to severe; symptoms thus include throat ache, runny nose, cough, difficulty breathing as in pneumonia up to respiratory failure.[6] As all enteroviruses it can cause variable skin rashes, abdominal pain and soft stools. Extremely rarely it can attack the central nervous system either causing headaches, or paralysis of one or more limbs that reaches peak severity within 48 hours of onset.[10]

Posted in: Health Posted: September 9, 2014
Mysterious EV-D68: Vaccinated Children Could Be More Vulnerable
....Although there is no known vaccine for the virus, and the scope which it will reach is also unknown, those that have become infected are following a common theme. They have all been vaccinated with the MMR vaccines, influenza vaccines, and polio vaccines. Of course, many children in the United States have been vaccinated, and most are required to be vaccinated in order to enter school. However, it is interesting to note that the illness is not occurring, yet, in children that have not been vaccinated.


Statistics on polio were manipulated. One such way was to redefine the disease, renaming it "viral or aseptic meningitis" or "cocksackie virus". In one US county, for example, in July 1955 there were 273 cases of polio reported for 50 cases of asceptic meningitis, compared to 5 cases of polio in 1966 and 256 cases of aseptic meningitis. These new diagnostic guideline's were issued by the CDC. If you object to polio vaccination, and you get polio--it is usually called "polio." If you have been vaccinated and you get "polio", it is called meningitis(2).

CDC cover up- autism and vaccines

Congressman Bill Posey’s office has confirmed exclusively to that a “very large number” of documents have been turned over by CDC scientist, Dr. William Thompson, who has admitted that the CDC suppressed information about the links between the MMR vaccine and autism in some cases.

According to Congressman Posey’s spokesman, George Cecala, “I can confirm that we have received a very large number of documents and we are going through those documents now. There are a lot of them, so it will take some time.” Cecala could not say exactly how many documents are in possession of the Congressman’s staff though sources tell me that as many as 100,000 documents have been handed over.

As we have reported, a statement released on August 27th by Dr. Thompson in response to media coverage is that he and co-authors from a 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics did in fact omit important information from a study on the link between vaccines and autism.


Wednesday, January 22, 2014
22 Medical Studies That Show Vaccines Can Cause Autism

Tuesday, February 25, 2014
CDC Caught Hiding Data Showing Mercury in Vaccines Linked to Autism

Saturday, September 17, 2011
Vaccines: Making you far sicker than you ever thought

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Ebola: the covert op of modern medicine

Jon.... I love you. 'Nuff said.


Ebola: the covert op of modern medicine

Ebola: the covert op of modern medicine
by Jon Rappoport
September 13, 2014
“Tell them the biggest lie, yes. But they have to want the kind of lie you’re telling. It has to give them equal parts fear and fascination.” (Ellis Medavoy, retired propaganda operative)
“Overwhelmed.” “Can’t contain.” “Rapid spread.” Crossed borders.” “Predicting five million deaths.” “Too late to stop it.”
These and other familiar terms are stock-in-trade for the disease propaganda establishment.
The word “outbreak,” of course, is at the top of the list.
It suggests that the population in question is otherwise healthy—but suddenly people are dropping like flies.
In West Africa, for example, where global attention is focused on Ebola, “otherwise healthy” is a cynical myth.
Contaminated water; a decade of brutal war displacing huge numbers of people; chronic grinding poverty; severe malnutrition and starvation; inherently toxic vaccines and medicines that are devastating to people whose immune systems are already on the brink of failing; industrial pollutants in the streams and soil—that’s the pre-Ebola baseline called “otherwise healthy.”
Then there is the matter of diagnosis of Ebola. As I’ve explained in past articles, two of the most widely used tests—antibody and PCR—are both pathetically unreliable methods for disease analysis.
Therefore, the counting of Ebola cases and deaths, which depends on those tests, lacks any degree of authenticity.
On top of that, examining the track record of the CDC and the World Health Organization,when they intentionally and falsely overstated case numbers and deaths from Swine Flu…well, only a fool would believe their reports on Ebola.
But none of this stops true believers, who suck up press reports and press images like thirsty desert travelers kneeling at an oasis.
Not to burst the bubble, but…consider the World Health Organization report, April 2009, titled, “Influenza (Seasonal).” Discussing ordinary flu, it estimates 5 million cases a year, around the world, and between 250,000 and 500,000 deaths. Every year. Like clockwork.
True numbers or false numbers, the point is this: because there is zero propaganda about ordinary flu, no dire imagery, no breathless press reportage, nobody cares. Nobody says “outbreak.” No one predicts the collapse of society.
Imagine what would happen if you kept those huge global flu numbers and simply substituted “Ebola” for “flu.”
Because of the heavy propaganda re Ebola, the world would go completely mad overnight.
When the Washington Post (9/9) now reports that, ahem, “…only 31% of Ebola cases have been lab-confirmed through blood tests [in Liberia],” not an eyebrow is raised.
Who cares? Who needs diagnostic tests? Who needs science? They’re all dying from Ebola. We know that because…well, they are, we saw the pictures of the Ebola-virus worm-like thing, everybody was healthy and then they dropped dead, it’s escaping across the borders, and it’s from Africa, where terrible things originate (never Brooklyn orPeoria), let’s all buy haz-mat suits.
A picture of the Ebola-virus worm-like thing.
A picture of the Ebola-virus worm-like thing.
Ebola health workers in West Africa have, in fact, been wearing haz-mat suits all long. Sealed off from the outside, working shifts inside those boiling suits, where they are losing 5 quarts of body fluid an hour, they come out for rehydration, douse themselves with toxic chemicals to disinfect, and then go back in again.
One doctor told the Daily Mail he could smell intense fumes of chlorine while he was working in his suit. That means the toxic chemical was actually in there with him.
But ignore all that. It doesn’t mesh with the narrative of the virus mowing down everyone in its path.
And to depart from the propaganda narrative again—if someone wanted to step up the killing rate in West Africa, seeding it with a virus wouldn’t be the best choice. Germs are too unpredictable in their effects.
In that case, the image of the virus serves as the cover story.
Precedent? Enormous precedent for using a germ as a cover story?
Assuming that virus was ever really isolated and identified to begin with (an irrational stretch), its supposedly lethal impact has never been established on any scientific grounds. There is no reason to believe it has killed anyone.
In Africa, death by wasting away, starvation, protein-calorie malnutrition, contaminated water, poverty, war, overcrowding, stolen land have formed the basis of life for millions of people.
Local dictators, elite investors, foreign corporations have wanted to keep things that way—without revealing their hand. While they were taking over the abundant natural wealth of nations.
Their murderous ongoing op needed a cover story.
Enter the disease propagandists.
They established the narrative of a killer virus. HIV.
On October 19, 1985, researcher D. Serwadda announced a new disease in Uganda, with his paper on “Slim,” published in Lancet. The myth of Slim, soon called AIDS, absurdly listed two prominent symptoms: weight loss and diarrhea.
These “symptoms,” of course, have been endemic in parts of Africa for centuries. Among the obvious causes? Contaminated water and severe malnutrition—prolonged and exacerbated by local dictators selling out their countries to foreign corporate invaders, while keeping their own populations too weak to resist.
No virus necessary.
But linking Slim to AIDS to HIV yielded the desired cover.
I wrote about all this in 1988, in my first book, AIDS Inc. I explained that medical covert ops are the most dangerous on the planet, because they appear to be political neutral. They wave no partisan banners. They hide behind the expression of “humanitarian concerns.”
Sealing off West Africa now, under the banner of “stopping the Ebola epidemic and healing the people,” is another chapter in this sordid tale of centuries.
The true objective of the covert op has always been the same: steal the fertile land and the natural resources. Disable, weaken, and destroy the people.

Continue reading at this link:



The Ebola Outbreak: The "Pandemic" that isn't.

There have been many many moments over the past few years that have made me ponder my past and the experiences and knowledge that I have gathered along the way.  I cannot tell you how many times in the last two years alone that I have had major personal revelations about things that I have gone through or learned in the past that are suddenly so relevant in the NOW.  Last night was one of those moments.

For almost 20 years I have had an almost morbid facination with the Ebola virus, and Haemoragic fevers  such as Marlburg and Lassa, in general.  It started when I read the book "The Hot Zone" in 1996, and continued when I worked with a former US Special Forces Military doctor in Thailand who had a vast amount of knowledge on the ebola virus.  Ever since then I have read possibly hundreds of medical reports and studies on the topic....  reports and studies that were written before this so called "outbreak" and the very blatant editing that has been perpetrated across the media.

..... obviously to prepare myself for this article today.

.... Very interesting that the Wikipedia listing for Ebola Zaire doesn't specify how the virus is transmitted, don't you think?

If you've read any main stream media news outlet or alternative news site, you've heard all the panicked fear mongering about the purported "Ebola" outbreak in west/central Africa.  These reports started appearing in the main stream media news in February 2014 while I was in Malta.  I immediately started following the news and kept abreast of the latest developments.  I also immediately started to smell a rat.  The Media banged on the fear porn drum for a few weeks and then it all just sorta disappeared (they couldn't seem to keep people's attention on "world war III" starting in the Ukraine AND the "pandemic of Ebola"  at the same time).   Then in the past few weeks they've ramped up the Ebola fear porn drama again.....

.... Distract Distract Distract.

Ukraine didn't work out the way they wanted so they needed another distraction.  Enter the insanity of Netanyahu  and the debacle being played out in the gaza strip.  But now that is not working out for them either as the world is standing up and shining the light of outrage on Gaza.  So another distraction is necessary.  Enter: ebola panicked "pandemic" in africa.

I am not going to get into all the main stream media ebola circus- open any news website and you can read it all- but I will discuss several glaring pieces of obvious bullshit, and "facts" that the so called medical professional associations have invented to perpetuate this travesty.

"Their" goal is only one thing: FEAR & DISTRACTION.   They need to keep the public distracted from the fact that their entire financial world empire has crumbled to the ground and they have lost everything they have. .... I'll be going into details on this subject in my next article.   For this moment I will focus on the fear porn campaign that "they" are currently pushing onto the public.

Before I start posting the links and my commentary, I will post this note that I wrote in one of my skype rooms as an intro to the topic:

 D.breakingthesilence:  "they've" been trying to weaponize ebola for over 40 years.  they can't do it because the Mayinga strain of ebola (the only known strain to be contagious through aerosol transmission) kills people too quickly for it to work as a broad spread bio weapon.  they've been playing with the Marlburg/ebola crosses to create a virus with a longer gestational period so that cross infection/contamination will spread farther.  but Marlburg cancells out the aerosol transmission factors of the Mayinga strain of ebola, which leaves them with oral/mucous membrane transmission, which isn't effective as the virus dies very quickly unless it's in a very hot humid climate (hence the fact that they do their testing in western Africa in jungle climates).  Air conditioning kills the virus almost instantly."

The first article I will post here is to show the vast amount of disinfo that is being spread by official "government" agencies about the Ebola virus.  This article by Mike from Natural News shows the dangers of assuming that these "official" agencies are telling the truth.  (Which I find strange as I know that Mike is usually not fooled by these type of things).

Ebola transmission by aerosols confirmed: virus survives for days outside infected hosts

Learn more:
(NaturalNews) Today Kurt Nimmo from is incorrectly reporting that "aerosol transmission is not possible" with Ebola. (2) That statement is part of an article entitled, "Don't Fear Ebola, Fear the State" which is, overall, a very compelling article.

Nimmo is a fantastic writer and a great researcher, but in this case his statement is factually incorrect and probably needs to be addressed. As clearly explained by the Public Health Agency of Canada: (3)

"INFECTIOUS DOSE: 1 - 10 aerosolized organisms are sufficient to cause infection in humans."

Ebola, you see, can "ride" on aerosolized particles of blood, mucous and other body fluids. Someone sneezing, for example, can cause Ebola viruses to be aerosolized where they land on other people's hands or faces. It only takes one virus entering the corner of your eye (or the corner of your mouth) to set off a full-blown infection......\
.....Even worse, Ebola is a strong survivor outside a host. Here's what the Public Health Agency of Canada says:

SURVIVAL OUTSIDE HOST: The virus can survive in liquid or dried material for a number of days. Infectivity is found to be stable at room temperature or at 4 C for several days, and indefinitely stable at -70 C. Infectivity can be preserved by lyophilisation....

Both of these statements by the Canadian "government" are incorrect and appallingly shine a light on the fact that the real FACTS about Ebola is being covered up, changed and re-written.

let me give you some hard core facts about Ebola:

Ebola has only ONE strain that is suspected to of been transmitted by aerosol exposure to the live virus.  This is an absolute FACT.   The Ebola Zaire strain called "Mayinga", named after the nurse, Mayinga, who died after being infected with the virus without any known method of transmission- meaning that they suspect that she died through an aerosol transmission (as in: micro particles that are actually in the air, and transmitted through contact with the virus ONLY by air, ie: inhaling it), but it has never been proven that she contracted the virus though aerosol contamination.  The Zaire Mayinga strain is the ONLY Ebola strain that has ever been even suspected of being transmitted through aerosol contamination, and it is extremely rare.  To the best of my knowledge, the Mayinga strain hasn't been seen in an outbreak since 1978.

ALL the strains of Ebola, and Marburg viruses are very very contagious through membrane transmission- ie: through direct contact with liquid particles (blood, mucous, semen, sweat, urine) onto mucous membranes or through open wounds.  This means that if you physically come into contact with liquid particles infected with an Ebola virus through your mouth, eyes, nose, genitalia or an open wound, then you have a very large probability of being infected with the virus.   Hence: it is highly contagious though PHYSICAL contact with the infected bodily liquids of someone who has the virus.  ie: though touching the body/body fluids, contact with the sheets, bandages, needles, medical instruments etc of an infected person.

BUT..... the virus doesn't not live very long outside of a human or animal host.   ALL Hemorrhagic fever viruses (all strains of Ebola, Marburgs etc...) are actually very fragile virus particles that need a very specific environment to survive for even a short time.  THIS is why all cases of Ebola always happen in the same place, in Central/West African jungles:  HOT HOT HOT and WET WET WET.  ALL Hemorrhagic viruses require extreme heat and humidity to survive, and as I said above, they literally die very quickly when they are exposed to air conditioning.

These are two of the main reasons that "they" were not able to weaponize Ebola before: because it requires direct contact with infected bodily fluids AND it dies very quickly when it comes in contact with drier, cooler air. 

One of the other reasons that they were not able to weaponize Ebola is because it kills too quickly and the gestational period is too short for it to spread very far.  Ebola Zaire has the highest mortality rate- close to 90% of those infected die from the virus, but it also has the shortest gestational period and it can be symptomatic as quickly as 2-6 days after contamination.  As the onset of symptoms is so severe immediately, infected people are not likely to be boarding airplanes, going to night clubs or partaking in unprotected sex.

Marlburg virus is another form of Hemorrhagic fever that "they" have played with, but while it has a longer gestational period- close to 2-3 weeks- it also has a much lower mortality rate that varies wildly between 20-80%.....

The tampering of these viruses needed to make them a viable bio weapon is something they've been "working on" for at least 40 years.

..... And here is the proof of "their" work:

Human Ebola Virus Species and Compositions and Methods Thereof

US 20120251502 A1\
Publication numberUS20120251502 A1
Publication typeApplication
Application numberUS 13/125,890
PCT numberPCT/US2009/062079
Publication dateOct 4, 2012
Filing dateOct 26, 2009
Priority dateOct 24, 2008
Also published asCA2741523A1EP2350270A2EP2350270A4WO2010048615A2,WO2010048615A3
InventorsJonathan S. TownerStuart T. NicholJames A. ComerThomas G. KsiazekPierre E. Rollin
Original AssigneeThe Government of the US as Represented by the Secretary of the Dept. of health
Export CitationBiBTeXEndNoteRefMan
External Links: USPTOUSPTO AssignmentEspacenet

All of the information that is contained in this patent is important and worth reading, even though the information is difficult to wade though unless you have some understanding of medical terminology that is used in these type of documents.  It's also a lesson on reading what they are actually saying in amongst the mumbo jumbo.  I've highlighted a few sentences that are very telling from a small excerpt of the document.

In another aspect, the invention provides vaccine preparations, comprising theinventive hEbola virus, including recombinant and chimeric forms of the virus, nucleic acid molecules comprised by the virus, or protein subunits of the virus. The invention also provides a vaccine formulation comprising a therapeutically or prophylactically effective amount of the inventive hEbola virus described above, and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier. In one embodiment, the invention provides a vaccine formulation comprising a therapeutically or prophylactically effective amount of a protein extract of the inventive hEbola virus described above, or a subunit thereof; and a pharmaceutically acceptable carrier.\....\
... According to the present invention, the chimeric viruses are encoded by the viral vectors of the invention which further comprise a heterologous nucleotide sequence. In accordance with the present invention a chimeric virus is encoded by a viral vector that may or may not include nucleic acids that are non-native to the viral genome. In accordance with the invention a chimeric virus is encoded by a viral vector to which heterologous nucleotide sequences have been added, inserted or substituted for native or non-native sequences. In accordance with the present invention, the chimeric virus may be encoded by nucleotide sequences derived from different species or variants of hEbola virus. In particular, the chimeric virus is encoded by nucleotide sequences that encode antigenic polypeptides derived from different species or variants of hEbola virus."


noun: chimera; plural noun: chimeras; noun: chimaera; plural noun: chimaeras; noun:Chimera
  1. 1.
    (in Greek mythology) a fire-breathing female monster with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail.
    • any mythical animal with parts taken from various animals.
  2. 2.
    a thing that is hoped or wished for but in fact is illusory or impossible to achieve.
    "the economic sovereignty you claim to defend is a chimera"


Mythical creature
The Chimera was, according to Greek mythology, a monstrous fire-breathing hybrid creature of Lycia in Asia Minor, composed of the parts of three animals – a lion, a snake and a goat. Wikipedia\

"They" go to great lengths to create the illusion that this patent is for the creation of a vaccine to protect against Ebola... but you can't create a vaccine for a virus unless it is for THAT SPECIFIC VIRUS.  Plain english:  You have to create the "chimeric" virus in order for the "chimeric" virus based vaccine to work!! This means that if they are creating a vaccine from multiple viruses, the vaccine will only work for that CREATED virus.   This is the ongoing mythology of the yearly flu vaccine:  they create a vaccine that will only work on 2 or 3 strains of "flu" virus, but unless they know exactly which strain of flu is going to "appear" that year, the vaccine is completely useless!  There are literally thousands of strains of the "flu" virus, hence unless they know exactly which one is going to  be let loose in the public, they cannot produce a vaccine that has any ability to do anything (.... except spread the virus further though live virus vaccines of course).
This Patent is for a man made form of Ebola- one that has been created by combining several other viruses.  I won't post it all here as it would make this article incredibly long, but if you'd like to do some homework, do a google search on the names and previous work of the inventors of this hybrid chimeric virus, and check out their other areas of study and research (polio and the common cold? hmmmmm).

Next up to research: who is running the patent.  Who is buying up the license to distribute the virus or the vaccine?  (did you know that Rumsfeld is the global license holder for the H1N1 vaccine?) and who are the agents (usually a law firm) for the patents?  In Canada it is Ridout & Maybee LLP......  seriously? ..... And also look for any private offerings (investment offerings) by those agents that would enable funding the $800 billion to $1 trillion FDA bribe...I mean "price tag"...I mean "application and processing fees"...tee hee...and the subsequent "derivative market"/exchange traded fund to pay back all those sucker "institutional investors" who shove off the liabilities to the secondary markets and the public investors on main street...... bwuhaaaahaaaaahaaaaa!!!  Wait!!!!!!  No worries, the "investors" are still busy trying to figure out how to process the gold, silver, and metals molestation with Basel III promising a "new gold-backed financial system"....toooo much fun!!!!!!!!  Hollywood seriously can't write stories like this!....  that last bit was written by Heather, who hijacked my computer for a few moments.

This Ebola "pandemic" that is purportedly happening in 4 countries in Africa - 3 of which have never had an outbreak of Ebola before: Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone- is very blatantly NOT acting like Ebola outbreaks usually do.  First off, considering the "infected" numbers that were given in Feb 2014 at the beginning of this "outbreak", and the supposed spread of the virus to 3 other countries.... not enough people have died.  I know that that is a morbid thing to say, but the Ebola virus kills very quickly, with a high mortality rate and IF the virus was in large city centres as the media is saying, and IF the virus was being spread through aerosol transmission as the media is saying, and IF the virus is getting onto airplanes and getting to Canada and the US and Europe as the media was saying was happening in late February 2014.... then WAY WAY WAY  more people should of already have died from this "pandemic". 

The World Health Organization has released statistics that Prove that the media is hyping up the fear porn.  See the Jon Rappoport article quoted below....... the numbers do NOT add up. Not even slightly.

A few more interesting facts about this Ebola outbreak:

Initial outbreak in Guinea

In February 2014, the first Ebola virus outbreak registered in the region occurred in Guinea. By 23 April, the total number of suspected and confirmed cases in the Ebola virus disease (EVD) outbreak had increased to 242, including 142 deaths at a fatality rate of 59%.[5] Originally, the suspected cases were reported in Conakry (four cases),Guéckédougou (four), Macenta (one) and Dabola (one) prefectures. On 25 March the Ministry of Health of Guinea reported that four southeastern districts—Guekedou, Macenta, Nzerekore, and Kissidougou—were affected with an outbreak of Ebola virus disease.[6] The following day the Pasteur Institute in Lyon, France confirmed the Ebola strain as Zaire ebolavirus.[6] An initial report suggested that it was a new strain of ebolavirus,[7] but this was refuted by later studies which placed it within the lineage of the Zaire strain.[8]\

Diagnostic methods for IDing Ebola in those 3 countries are uncertain. Therefore, we should only consider the category labeled “confirmed,” and even then we should have doubts.
So let’s look at the total for confirmed Ebola case numbers in those countries.
It’s 814.
Confirmed number of deaths? 456.
Now consider another WHO report. This one is titled: “Influenza (Seasonal) World Health Organization,” dated April 2009.
It’s the WHO fact sheet on regular seasonal flu, the kind that is said to infect people globally, year after year, like clockwork.
Annual number of severe cases: 3-5 million.
Annual number of deaths: between 250,000 and 500,000.
Remember, that’s every year—not a one-time shot.
Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation (TKMR) (TKM.TO), a leading developer of RNA interference (RNAi) therapeutics, announced today that it has received a $1.5 million milestone payment from Monsanto following completion of specified program developments.

About TKM-Ebola, an Anti-Ebola Virus RNAi Therapeutic
TKM-Ebola, an anti-Ebola virus RNAi therapeutic, is being developed under a $140 million contract with the U.S. Department of Defense's Medical Countermeasure Systems BioDefense Therapeutics (MCS-BDTX) Joint Product Management Office. Earlier preclinical studies were published in the medical journal The Lancet and demonstrated that when siRNA targeting the Ebola virus and delivered by Tekmira's LNP technology were used to treat previously infected non-human primates, the result was 100 percent protection from an otherwise lethal dose of Zaire Ebola virus (Geisbert et al., The Lancet, Vol 375, May 29, 2010). In March 2014, Tekmira was granted a Fast Track designation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the development of TKM-Ebola.

What we are seeing is a man made virus being used (luckily not very successfully when you consider the virus they are working with) on an unsuspecting population as a means to drive the public into a fear spiral of desperation, to allow them to promote "their" martial law scam (you know... the one that hasn't worked for them yet?), and to create a vaccine hysteria to create the illusion of money being in circulation and strengthen the seriously lagging reputation of the worlds main medical institutions and agencies.   This is a DISTRACTION.


Final word on Viruses in general:   Do you know how many Viruses modern science and medicine has been able to cure?


Do you know how many Viruses have been eradicated with medicines or vaccines?


Yet.... we are all still here.


When is Ebola not Ebola? ... When it walks off an airplane

As I pressed the "publish" button on yesterdays Ebola article, I knew that there were several more facts and pieces of information to bring to the public's attention.  Here is part II of

The Ebola Outbreak: The "Pandemic" that isn't.

The more news articles I read, the more blatant the lies and deception become.  The main stream media seems to of been caught in their tracks with their "Ebola is an airborne (aerosol) virus" lies and are now quickly backtracking and setting the record straight on that fact.  The Associated Press released this article on 5 things you need to know about the Ebola outbreak, and while they are still pushing the make-believe death toll numbers, at least they've come clean on the fact that while Ebola is a scary disease, it's not something you can get while sitting on the subway, or walking around the shopping mall.

Below are a few articles that have been released in the past 24-36 hours.  I have highlighted the the major points in each and I will show you the path to the bigger questions that are begging to be answered.

1. WEST AFRICA OUTBREAK NOW LARGEST IN HISTORY. The current outbreak in the neighboring countries of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone has sickened more than 1,300 people and killed at least 729 since March. The outbreak is unusual for West Africa as the disease is typically found in the center and east of the continent.
2. SOME PEOPLE HAVE SURVIVED EBOLA. While the fatality rate for Ebola can be as high as 90 percent, health officials in the three countries say people have recovered from the virus and the current death rate is about 60 percent. Those who fared best sought immediate medical attention and got supportive care to prevent dehydration even though there is no specific treatment for Ebola itself.
3. EBOLA CAN LOOK LIKE OTHER DISEASES. The early symptoms of an Ebola infection include fever, headache, muscle aches and sore throat. It can be difficult to distinguish between Ebola and malaria, typhoid fever or cholera. Only in later stages do people with Ebola begin bleeding both internally and externally, often through the nose and ears.
4. EBOLA IS ONLY SPREAD THROUGH CLOSE CONTACT. The Ebola virus is not airborne,so people would have to come into direct contact with the bodily fluids of an infected person. These include blood, sweat, vomit, feces, urine, saliva or semen — making transmission through casual contact in a public setting unlikely.
5. FEAR AND MISINFORMATION. In the three countries, health workers and clinics have come under attack from panicked residents who mistakenly blame foreign doctors and nurses for bringing the virus to remote communities. Family members also have removed sick Ebola patients from hospitals. Government officials have stepped up efforts to isolate patients, educate the public, check travelers and tighten borders to prevent the disease's spread.

ATLANTA—An American infected with Ebola in Liberia was being treated and monitored in the U.S. on Sunday, as doctors worked to provide care in what will be a crucial few days in his attempt to recover from the deadly disease.
About a week after his first symptoms of Ebola were reported, Kent Brantly, a doctor, was in an Atlanta hospital's special isolation unit. He had arrived Saturday, flown from Liberia in a chartered air ambulance, and he appeared in fairly good condition as he walked,covered from head to toe in a protective suit, into the unit at Emory University Hospital.\

He "WALKED"?!   Ummmmmm,   He doesn't have Ebola.

(CNN) -- Three top secret, experimental vials stored at subzero temperatures were flown into Liberia last week in a last-ditch effort to save two American missionary workers who had contracted Ebola, according to a source familiar with details of the treatment.
On July 22, Dr. Kent Brantly woke up feeling feverish. Fearing the worst, Brantly immediately isolated himself. Nancy Writebol's symptoms started three days later. A rapid field blood test confirmed the infection in both of them after they had become ill with fever, vomiting and diarrhea.....

...A representative from the National Institutes of Health contacted Samaritan's Purse in Liberia and offered the experimental treatment, known as ZMapp, for the two patients....The ZMapp vials reached the hospital in Liberia where Brantly and Writebol were being treated Thursday morning.
according to the source.
The drug was developed by the biotech firm Mapp Biopharmaceutical Inc. The patients were told that this treatment had never been tried before in a human being but had shown promise in small experiments with monkeys....

.... In the monkeys, the experimental serum had been given within 48 hours of infection. Brantly didn't receive it until he'd been sick for nine days....\
Within an hour of receiving the medication, Brantly's condition dramatically improved......By the next morning, Brantly was able to take a shower on his own before getting on a specially designed Gulfstream air ambulance jet to be evacuated to the United States.

On July 30, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, an arm of the military responsible for any chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and high-yield explosive threats,allotted additional funding to MAPP Biopharmaceutical due to "promising results."

Lets get this straight (and believe me, "getting the story straight" is not easy when literally hourly they are changing the "facts" surrounding this story!):  On July 22 Brantly began showing his first symptoms of infection.  By my count that is 14 days ago, but please feel free to pass me a calculator  and a calendar to verify this number.....  He began showing symptoms 14 days ago and was immediately isolated. 9 DAYS later he is approached with a untested, "miracle cure" ..... OK, so 14 - 9 = 5 .  Today is August 4th,  5 days ago was July 31, right?  So Brantly started showing symptoms of "ebola" infection on July 22, 9 days later on the 31 of July he is given a mysterious serum that had "miraculous" effects within an hour, he showered himself the next day, got on the private plane and he arrived in the US on August 2nd..... \

....I'll return to the outrageous improbability of that entire scenario in just a moment, but I would like to draw your attention to the final paragraph of CNN's article: |
On July 30, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, an arm of the military responsible for any chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and high-yield explosive threats, allotted additional funding to MAPP Biopharmaceutical due to "promising results."
Does anyone else find it extremely strange that the US Dept. of Defense gave the manufacturers of the mysterious serum additional funding (due to "promising results") the day BEFORE the serum was even given to Brantly... you know, the first human the serum was ever tested on?

One of the patients, Dr. Kent Brantly, received his first dose of the medication after being ill for 9 days. He was reportedly near death at the time he received the dose, but recovered dramatically within hours of it being administered. One doctor called his recovery “miraculous,” CNN reported. 

Now we'll return to the first outrageous improbability of the entire scenario that CNN is telling the world.  I'm about to be more than a bit graphic, so if you have a weak stomach for medical details, just skip this next bit.

Yesterday I gave a lot of facts about the Ebola virus- with a focus on the Ebola Zaire strain as that is the "official" strain of Ebola that the various world health agencies and the media are saying is the cause of the current "Ebola outbreak".  Ebola is a nasty virus that is the medical equivalent of the biggest baddest boogieman in the viral world.  The reason Ebola is so feared is not just because the mortality rate is extremely high, and that it kills so quickly, but because of the method of death.  Basically, in a nut shell, the Ebola Zaire virus liquifies all your internal organs, and if you don't die from the fever and extreme dehydration, you bleed to death out of every orifice or drown in your own blood.   Seriously.  Once a patient gets to a certain stage of infection, miracle serum or not, there would be no way to save their life because the damage to their internal organs- liver, lungs, intestines and stomach in particular- would be irreversible.

CNN is telling the world that Brantly was on deaths door step, and that after one shot of the "miracle" serum was miraculously recovering.  That the very next day he took a shower by himself, and then when he arrived in the US, he WALKED into the hospital?!? 

I will tell you right now, without a single hesitation or shadow of a doubt:  Brantly did/does NOT have Ebola.  The very fact that the second patient hasn't even been picked up yet by the emergency  medical evacuation plane points a very large finger at the fact that obviously they don't consider these evacuations an "Emergency".  

If this was actually a case of Ebola Zaire, both of the patients would be dead already.  Zaire has the shortest gestational period, is the fastest killer and has the highest mortality rate of all the Hemorrhagic Fevers.  Yes, there is a percentage of patients that survive Ebola Zaire, but in those that do, the infection/symptoms do not escalate beyond the fever and vomiting/diarrhea stage. This is a very well established medical fact.

So let's return to the really interesting information that has been released in the past 36 hours: MAPP Biopharmaceutical company is given a bunch of dough by the US Military.  A search for "ZMAPP" doesn't show anything in a patent search, but a search for MAPP Biopharmaceutical shows a host of patents (that due to lagging internet I haven't had a chance to dig into yet- but feel free to roam around and see what you find:  ).  The official website of MAPP Biopharmaceuticals does have an interesting announcement on their news section:  Monoclonal Antibody-based Filovirus Therapeutic Licensed to Leaf Biopharmaceutical July 15, 2014

But when you search for Leaf Biopharmaceutical on the web, you discover that it's actually MAPP!   Kinda interesting, dontcha think?  I also find it enlightening that given that the patent for the Ebola "chimeric" virus that I posted yesterday shows that the original assignee is The Government of the US as Represented by the Secretary of the Dept. of health  , the main funders for ZMAPP are USAMRIID and the Defense Threat Reduction Agency with the Public Health Agency of Canada .... you know: that agency that I wrote about yesterday that is publishing complete LIES and disinfo about Ebola and the current outbreak in Africa?

I also find it very interesting that one of the above links was published on MarketWatch- the Financial sector of the Wall Street Journal. .... actually given the fact that the header of the page reads:


 .... I guess it's not all that surprizing that they are reporting on a "new drug" that is being funded by the US Military.... I'm sure that there are a LOT of investors out there that are looking at this little tid bit of information to try and make a buck or two.

Unfortunately I've been working with very limited internet today so I haven't been able to really dig deep into the patents or into who is running the patent, or who is buying up the license to distribute the medication, and who are the agents (usually a law firm) for the patents, or for any private offerings (investment offerings) that are associated with any of the above mentioned drug companies.....  I'll see what kind of internet I have tomorrow.

In closing I'll leave you with one last link:  at least the weatherman understands that Ebola is not an airborne virus. 

American doctor Kent Brantly is undergoing treatment in Atlanta, after arriving at Emory University Hospital on Saturday.
Liberian Information Minister Lewis Brown said the second evacuation plane is expected to leave West Africa between at 1 a.m. and 1.30 a.m. on Tuesday....

...The unit was used for treating at least one SARS patient in 2005. Unlike Ebola, SARS - like the flu - is an airborne virus and can spread easily when an infected person coughs or sneezes. Health experts say a specialized isolation unit is not needed for treating an Ebola patient. Standard rigorous infection control measures should work at any hospital.

"Ebola is only transmitted through blood and bodily fluids," he said. "Unlike the flu, which we deal with every winter, Ebola cannot be spread through the air."


Ebola: WHO wants to recreate the Smallpox debacle

... Here we go!   ZMAP is a failure, too expensive, not enough to go around and takes to long to make.  Now onto vaccines!!!   As I spoke about in my first Ebola article HERE, we know that this so called "ebola" is man made and that their purported plan was to create a vaccine for this frankenbola virus.  What I didn't suspect is that they would turn to passive antibody transference through using the blood of the "survivors" of this virus.   I really didn't see that coming.....

..... I suspect that there is a back room war going on with the creators of the frankenbola virus that is preventing them from going directly to a full blown inattenuated ( inattenuated means: "killed".... and no, the quotes around the word "killed" is not an accident nor are they used by all medical associations and pharmaceutical companies without fully understanding what those quotation marks actually mean!) vaccine.  Are they arguing over who gets the global licence for the "ebola" vaccine?  hmmmmm.....

In the mean time, the World Health Organization is now calling on using the blood from those patients who've recovered from the infection to passively inoculate people.  Lovely idea in theory, yet it's been proven to be useless.  How?   One word:  SMALLPOX

Smallpox is the basis for all passive inoculations ever attempted in the past 100 years or so.  The claim of course is that small pox was eradicated from the planet through massive vaccination, which is a complete load of bunk.   I am not going to get into all the pathology of smallpox - consider that your homework if you are interested- but the short story of smallpox is:

  • it is an easily curable disease\
  • it was beaten through simple sanitation
  • the smallpox vaccines spread MORE diseases- like leprosy- and caused more deaths than the disease itself.
  • Dr. Jenner- the creator of the passive inoculation technique- was an egotistical braggart who's "science" was overturned by multiple doctors and scientists who were reviewing his work at that time.
  • just like today, smallpox vaccines were heralded as the savior, while ignoring any and all science, statistics or facts that showed any flaw in the vaccine ideology.

Interestingly, the other vaccine that has caused complete havoc in world of vaccines and "health" is the Polio vaccine. I have written several articles on that subject over the years, including THIS one that I wrote back in February 2014 when California had an outbreak of a "polio like" virus. In this article I gave a lot of information of the back ground of Polio and all it's newly renamed subgroups.  The reason I am bringing this up is that several of the creators of the patented "ebola" virus ALSO did work in the area of Polio:

This Patent is for a man made form of Ebola- one that has been created by combining several other viruses.  I won't post it all here as it would make this article incredibly long, but if you'd like to do some homework, do a google search on the names and previous work of the inventors of this hybrid chimeric virus, and check out their other areas of study and research (polio and the common cold? hmmmmm).

... and of course, the "common cold" is one of the most virulently passed viruses we know of.   Polio and the common cold?  Interesting.... very interesting.

Use Ebola survivors' blood - WHO

Bag of blood Blood from people who had Ebola could be used as a treatment
The blood of patients who recover from Ebola should be used to treat others, the World Health Organization has announced.
West Africa is facing the largest Ebola outbreak in history and more than 2,000 people have died.
A global group of experts have been meeting to assess the experimental therapies that could contain Ebola.
The WHO also announced that Ebola vaccines could be used on the frontline by November.
Blood medicine
People produce antibodies in the blood in an attempt to fight off an Ebola infection.
In theory, those antibodies can be transferred from a survivor into a sick patient to give their immune system a boost.
However, large scale data on the effectiveness of the therapy is lacking.
Studies on the 1995 outbreak of Ebola in Democratic Republic of Congoshowed seven out of eight people survived after being given the therapy.


Up to 5 September

Ebola deaths - probable, confirmed and suspected
  • 1,089 Liberia
  • 517 Guinea
  • 491 Sierra Leone
  • 8 Nigeria
Dr Marie Paule Kieny, an assistant director general at WHO said: "We agreed that whole blood therapies may be used to treat Ebola virus and all efforts must be invested to help infected countries to use them.
"There is a real opportunity that a blood-derived product can be used now and this can be very effective in terms of treating patients."
She said that it was the one positive aspect of so many people being infected.
"There are also many people now who have survived and are doing well. They can provide blood to treat the other people who are sick."
There is no clinically proven drug or vaccine to treat Ebola, but many are in the experimental stage.
Around 150 experts have spent the last two days investigating how to fast-track promising experimental drugs to make them available in West Africa as soon as possible.
Ebola vaccine trials started in the US this week and will be extended to centres in the UK, Mali and Gambia in the coming weeks.
First patientThe first person to take part in a vaccine trial was a 39-year-old in the US
The WHO said safety data would be ready by November 2014 and, if it proved safe, would be used in West Africa immediately.
Healthcare workers and other frontline staff would be prioritised for vaccination, the WHO said.
Experimental drugs - such as ZMapp, which has been used in seven patients including a British volunteer nurse - were also assessed.
However, the supplies of all the experimental drugs are very limited, if not exhausted.
The WHO said efforts were underway to increase production, but it would take several months.
Dr Jesse Goodman, from Georgetown University Medical Center in the US, took part in the meeting.
He said: "This is a unique opportunity to identify what new treatments and vaccines can really help people and then potentially accelerate their use.
"We don't want to end up after this outbreak not knowing how best to prevent or treat the next one."
Yet the WHO warned that all the talk of experimental therapies must not detract from the proven methods of infection control which have defeated all previous outbreaks.
Meanwhile, officials in Nigeria have decided to reopen schools in the country from 22 September.
They were closed as a precaution to prevent the spread of the virus.
Ebola virus disease (EVD)
Ebola virus
  • Symptoms include high fever, bleeding and central nervous system damage
  • Spread by body fluids, such as blood and saliva
  • Fatality rate can reach 90% - but current outbreak has mortality rate of about 55%
  • Incubation period is two to 21 days
  • There is no proven vaccine or cure
  • Supportive care such as rehydrating patients who have diarrhoea and vomiting can help recovery
  • Fruit bats, a delicacy for some West Africans, are considered to be virus's natural host
 A final note for today:

Only 10% of world vaccinated:

Dettman Ph.DGlen .

Suzanne Humphries, MD

Shelton Case mortality/Dangers of Smallpox

Vaccine 'lymph' and spread of infections (Leprosy, Syphilis, Smallpox...)   Disease spread by Vaccine 'Lymph' Smallpox spread by vaccine quotes (vaccine damage)

Leprosy (vaccine damage)  TebbWilliam (vaccine critic UK)

Hilary Butler Salk IPV vaccines



MSM Reporting: Is the truth about Ebola getting out there?

Main stream news coverage of the Truth about the "Ebola" outbreak in West Africa.  Not only did the article appear in the largest Newspaper in Liberia Africa, Canadian News CBS- which is one of Canada's largest News outlets- covered the article from Liberia.  The truth is getting out there folks!

Add to this, Zerohedges article:

The Ebola Epidemic Silver-Lining: IMF Bailouts For Everyone

"Never waste a good crisis. While we already knew a major reason for The West chasing into Africa was to leverage its relatively low credit levels as the last bastion of Keynesian-stimulus-hope in the world(estimated at between $5 and $10 trillion in secured debt, using its extensive untapped resources as first-lien collateral). And so it is little surprise that, as The WSJ reports, The International Monetary Fund on Thursday warned the West African Ebola epidemic requires a "large scale" global intervention to control a crisis that is ravaging economies in the region. All three major Ebola-suffering countries were already in bailout programs ($200mm loan in 2012 for Guinea, $100mm loan for Sierra Leone, and $80mm credit facility for Liberia) but with the "world community taking forever to respond," The IMF is happy to step in and secure some assets / lend over $100mm more to each nation to fill financing gaps."

..... "Lend", as in, securing "assets" in those countries?  Countries that are mineral and oil rich?  hmmmmmmmmmmmm......

"ArcelorMittal, a multinational steel manufacturing corporation headquartered in Luxembourg - which has profitable iron ore mining operations in Liberia - has been hosting telephone conferences for a number of weeks among dozens of global companies, mostly in mining, on an Ebola response.... 
....Riva Levinson, whose boutique Washington DC-based firm KRL International serves both government and corporate clients in west Africa, applauded the private sector efforts as "a valuable tool for mobilization of resources". She noted that the corporate consultations started before global health organizations and governments, with few exceptions, recognized the urgency of a large-scale response.
Businesses have been sharing information and pooling assets for the Ebola fight in a creative and coordinated way that other sectors should emulate, she said in an interview."

Largest Liberian Newspaper: US Government Manufactured Ebola, AIDS Virus

Largest Liberian Newspaper: US Government Manufactured Ebola, AIDS Virus (credit: DOMINIQUE FAGET/AFP/Getty Images)
Largest Liberian Newspaper: US Government Manufactured Ebola, AIDS Virus (credit: DOMINIQUE FAGET/AFP/Getty Images)

WASHINGTON (CBS DC) – The largest newspaper in Liberia published a conspiracy theory accusing the United States of intentionally engineering the Ebola and AIDS viruses in bioterrorism research labs and infecting Africans with the virus through vaccinations.
The news article, “Ebola, AIDS Manufactured By Western Pharmaceuticals, US DoD?” was published by the Liberian Daily Observer on Tuesday. It specifically implicates the U.S government, Department of Defense, American research universities in participating in an “American Military-Medical-Industry” Cold War scheme to test bioweapons in African nations.

Ebola, AIDS Manufactured By Western Pharmaceuticals, US DoD?

Scientists Allege
Dr. Cyril Broderick, Professor of Plant Pathology
Dear World Citizens:
I have read a number of articles from your Internet outreach as well as articles from other sources about the casualties in Liberia and other West African countries about the human devastation caused by the Ebola virus. About a week ago, I read an article published in the Internet news summary publication of the Friends of Liberia that said that there was an agreement that the initiation of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa was due to the contact of a two-year old child with bats that had flown in from the Congo. That report made me disconcerted with the reporting about Ebola, and it stimulated a response to the “Friends of Liberia,” saying that African people are not ignorant and gullible, as is being implicated. A response from Dr. Verlon Stone said that the article was not theirs, and that “Friends of Liberia” was simply providing a service. He then asked if he could publish my letter in their Internet forum. I gave my permission, but I have not seen it published. Because of the widespread loss of life, fear, physiological trauma, and despair among Liberians and other West African citizens, it is incumbent that I make a contribution to the resolution of this devastating situation, which may continue to recur, if it is not properly and adequately confronted. I will address the situation in five (5) points:
Horowitz (1998) was deliberate and unambiguous when he explained the threat of new diseases in his text, Emerging Viruses: AIDS and Ebola - Nature, Accident or Intentional. In his interview with Dr. Robert Strecker in Chapter 7, the discussion, in the early 1970s, made it obvious that the war was between countries that hosted the KGB and the CIA, and the ‘manufacture’ of ‘AIDS-Like Viruses’ was clearly directed at the other. In passing during the Interview, mention was made of Fort Detrick, “the Ebola Building,” and ‘a lot of problems with strange illnesses’ in “Frederick [Maryland].” By Chapter 12 in his text, he had confirmed the existence of an American Military-Medical-Industry that conducts biological weapons tests under the guise of administering vaccinations to control diseases and improve the health of “black Africans overseas.” The book is an excellent text, and all leaders plus anyone who has interest in science, health, people, and intrigue should study it. I am amazed that African leaders are making no acknowledgements or reference to these documents.
I am now reading The Hot Zone, a novel, by Richard Preston (copyrighted 1989 and 1994); it is heart-rending. The prolific and prominent writer, Steven King, is quoted as saying that the book is “One of the most horrifying things I have ever read. What a remarkable piece of work.” As a New York Times bestseller, The Hot Zone is presented as “A terrifying true story.” Terrifying, yes, because the pathological description of what was found in animals killed by the Ebola virus is what the virus has been doing to citizens of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia in its most recent outbreak: Ebola virus destroys peoples’ internal organs and the body deteriorates rapidly after death. It softens and the tissues turn into jelly, even if it is refrigerated to keep it cold. Spontaneous liquefaction is what happens to the body of people killed by the Ebola virus! The author noted in Point 1, Dr. Horowitz, chides The Hot Zone for writing to be politically correct; I understand because his book makes every effort to be very factual. The 1976 Ebola incident in Zaire, during President Mobutu Sese Seko, was the introduction of the GMO Ebola to Africa.
The World Health Organization (WHO) and several other UN Agencies have been implicated in selecting and enticing African countries to participate in the testing events, promoting vaccinations, but pursuing various testing regiments. The August 2, 2014 article, West Africa: What are US Biological Warfare Researchers Doing in the Ebola Zone? by Jon Rappoport of Global Research pinpoints the problem that is facing African governments. 
Obvious in this and other reports are, among others: 
(a) The US Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID), a well-known centre for bio-war research, located at Fort Detrick, Maryland; 
(b) Tulane University, in New Orleans, USA, winner of research grants, including a grant of more than $7 million the National Institute of Health (NIH) to fund research with the Lassa viral hemorrhagic fever; 
(c) the US Center for Disease Control (CDC); 
(d) Doctors Without Borders (also known by its French name, Medicins Sans Frontiers); 
(e) Tekmira, a Canadian pharmaceutical company;  
(f) The UK’s GlaxoSmithKline; and 
(g) the Kenema Government Hospital in Kenema, Sierra Leone. 
Reports narrate stories of the US Department of Defense (DoD) funding Ebola trials on humans, trials which started just weeks before the Ebola outbreak in Guinea and Sierra Leone. The reports continue and state that the DoD gave a contract worth $140 million dollars to Tekmira, a Canadian pharmaceutical company, to conduct Ebola research. This research work involved injecting and infusing healthy humans with the deadly Ebola virus. Hence, the DoD is listed as a collaborator in a “First in Human” Ebola clinical trial (NCT02041715, which started in January 2014 shortly before an Ebola epidemic was declared in West Africa in March. Disturbingly, many reports also conclude that the US government has a viral fever bioterrorism research laboratory in Kenema, a town at the epicentre of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The only relevant positive and ethical olive-branch seen in all of my reading is that reported, “The US government funding of Ebola trials on healthy humans comes amid warnings by top scientists in Harvard and Yale that such virus experiments risk triggering a worldwide pandemic.” That threat still persists.
The U. S., Canada, France, and the U. K. are all implicated in the detestable and devilish deeds that these Ebola tests are. There is the need to pursue criminal and civil redress for damages, and African countries and people should secure legal representation to seek damages from these countries, some corporations, and the United Nations. Evidence seems abundant against Tulane University, and suits should start there. Yoichi Shimatsu’s article, The Ebola Breakout Coincided with UN Vaccine Campaigns, as published on August 18, 2014, in the Liberty Beacon.
Africa must not relegate the Continent to become the locality for disposal and the deposition of hazardous chemicals, dangerous drugs, and chemical or biological agents of emerging diseases. There is urgent need for affirmative action in protecting the less affluent of poorer countries, especially African citizens, whose countries are not as scientifically and industrially endowed as the United States and most Western countries, sources of most viral or bacterial GMOs that are strategically designed as biological weapons. It is most disturbing that the U. S. Government has been operating a viral hemorrhagic fever bioterrorism research laboratory in Sierra Leone. Are there others? Wherever they exist, it is time to terminate them. If any other sites exist, it is advisable to follow the delayed but essential step: Sierra Leone closed the US bioweapons lab and stopped Tulane University for further testing.
The world must be alarmed. All Africans, Americans, Europeans, Middle Easterners, Asians, and people from every conclave on Earth should be astonished. African people, notably citizens more particularly of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone are victimized and are dying every day. Listen to the people who distrust the hospitals, who cannot shake hands, hug their relatives and friends. Innocent people are dying, and they need our help. The countries are poor and cannot afford the whole lot of personal protection equipment (PPE) that the situation requires. The threat is real, and it is larger than a few African countries. The challenge is global, and we request assistance from everywhere, including China, Japan, Australia, India, Germany, Italy, and even kind-hearted people in the U.S., France, the U.K., Russia, Korea, Saudi Arabia, and anywhere else whose desire is to help. The situation is bleaker than we on the outside can imagine, and we must provide assistance however we can. To ensure a future that has less of this kind of drama, it is important that we now demand that our leaders and governments be honest, transparent, fair, and productively engaged. They must answer to the people. Please stand up to stop Ebola testing and the spread of this dastardly disease.
Thank you very much.
Dr. Cyril E. Broderick, Sr.